A Sashurai’s Review: The Vampire Diaries – Season 8×06 (If the sports fantasy leagues were written by dramatists in love with vampires)




Sybil and Damon catch up with Seline who has taken the Gemini twins from Alaric and Caroline. Twice they are almost caught leaving Damon to force the sirens to summon Cade who Seline intends to trade the twins for her and Sybils freedom. Meanwhile, Sybil reconnects into Enzo’s mind, torturing him until Stefan enters his consciousness and finds Sybil. She lures him to a motel where the summoning is taking place. Caroline and Alaric search frantically and argue over what’s best for the twins while Enzo recovers and remains with Bonnie. Sybil controls locals at the motel to attack Stefan forcing him to kill one and become a prime replacement for herself as Cade’s servant. Stefan agrees as long as the twins are freed. Afterward, Sybil informs Seline that she convinced Cade to keep her powers while Seline does not benefit from the deal. Stefan tells Caroline that he sold his soul to Cade and has only one day left to spend with Caroline before submitting. Alaric and Matt later track down Damon and injure him as he proclaims cryptically what will happen to him under Stefan’s deal. Uncaring, Alaric stabs Damon in the heart with a stake convinced the twins will always be in danger so long Damon is alive. Damon begins to desocate.



Tonight’s episode floated around a lot of character frustrations and lash-outs culminating to the apparent death of Damon Salvatore who of course is anything but. His fear over going to hell was likely alleviated as his death will be erased based on some new immortality that Cade provided over Stefan’s servitude. We don’t know nearly enough to make any exact guesses, but chances are Damon will rise up and continue on his merry way while Stefan marries Caroline and promptly leaves. Sometimes those pesky promos say too much. Nothing truly stands out as Cade still has yet to prove he’s worthy of being this season’s big bad. Enzo and Bonnie’s unquestionable love bordered on co-dependence making their embrace a bit over-the-top and there will never be any sympathy cards for the sirens who have been reduced to a pair of scared and vengeful ladies who should be powerful villains but can’t quite seal the title. Not overtly impressed but Stefan helped balance out most of this snooze-fest.



The show is still making this about Damon and Stefan primarily which is what they need to do. By putting Stefan in a position to assume a dark role, he can effectively use that change to fight evil from the inside because he’s proven to be slightly more capable at that feat than his brother who continues to choke-hold his fear over being sent to hell. He’s putting a lot before his own needs and in doing so earns credibility and sympathy toward whatever endgame he faces at the end of this saga. As for Damon, his luck and faith in his brother should pay off long enough for him to get his act together as well.



Sybil didn’t care that Seline is trying to do her right after so long. The damage has been done. What really fails here is Seline herself. Sybil has embraced her wicked nature and at least she’s relishing in it, but Seline isn’t standing on solid ground with whether or not we’re supposed to root for her just because she’s trying to do her sister right. In the end, she’s still sacrificing the twins and for Alaric there’s no coming back from that. The sirens don’t want to be in Cade’s service and quite frankly I don’t think that’s the right story to tell. Cade needs acolytes, most big bosses do and for them to try and be dodgey and escape their role is a subplot that didn’t need to be happen. With their combined might and Cade’s influence, this really could stand to be a powerhouse that would break the foundation of Mystic Falls and probably that dimension. But now there’s no real direction and we’re left with too many mysteries on who made what deal for who how many times and what specifics and addendums were made to screw over the most amount of people possible. Make sense vampire writers!



When Stefan fought those men and was forced to kill one as Damon watched. It’s their struggle in physical form played out by the brothers who make this show what it is. Stefan taking any human life puts him in dangerous waters and Damon knows this. How they continue to conflict with their natures is re-occurring but often necessary to solidify their paths are monsters with souls. They each want to exist with love in their hearts but so many dark things get in the way and now it’s Stefan’s turn to fight that darkness.



I’m still on board with Stefan’s performance tonight. He made the biggest impact by accepting the deal and made enough room to be with Caroline for a small amount of time. He’s likely content with saving his brother and marrying Caroline and becoming whatever Cade wants him to be and as long as he’s killing evil, in a way it’s the perfect role for him because he’ll genuinely find the bad as opposed to Damon who as of late was too random about the duty.



I’m hoping Stefan won’t be forced to turn his humanity off again, having both brothers in that state at the same time would be brutal and probably a bit unfair to everyone else. Maybe that’ll be why they’ll need to bring Elena back for that last hurrah.


It’s interesting Cade keeps up with the fashions of the 21st century when he’s never really experienced it. I wonder he’s seeing through Seline or if he just sees the dead as they arrive and decide he should be upgrading his look.


I would debate if this wedding actually happens to the end. Two vampires tying the knot is no easy task just as having any wedding on TVD is disastrous at best. Caroline will want is as perfect as possible, at the Salvatore house. We’ll see what happens.


That spherical ball Damon found never played into any scene did it? It’s been a few weeks and I don’t quite recall if it pointed to a specific person, place or thing. Maybe it was the devil’s shotput.



6 out of 10. Part of TVD’s method is to introduce early villains who are not really villains but victims of worse villains that get introduced later. In this case the sirens are in the same boat. They may be driven toward malicious tendencies but both Seline and Sybil want their freedom from Cade and probably a semblance of a normal life which diminishes their status as real villains on this show. It’s always the bait and switch technique with this group and I was looking forward to a trifecta, a group that was genuinely evil and willing to destroy towns and cities to wreck old school vengeance. We don’t even really know if Cade is an evil force himself, just very misunderstood. Tonight’s episode swam around and made a few characters buckle under pressure, it should seem heartbreaking that Alaric was willing to kill Damon since they used to be best friends, but Alaric doesn’t see his friend, he sees an empty shell that was willing to put his family in danger. There were plenty of pieces to be placed but hopefully by this mid-season finale the real game begins. Thanks for reading.



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