A Sashurai’s Review: Supernatural – Season 12×08 (Red, White, and Nephilim)




After briefly inhabiting an archbishop, Lucifer enters President Jefferson Rooney and impregnates a woman, Kelly on his staff. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean with the help of Crowley, Castiel, and Rowena attempt to track down and subdue Lucifer in his new vessel. Along the way they come across Mr. Ketch who assists them with an escape from the secret service and offers them a weapon capable of expelling an angel from a human body. When Kelly is taken by Crowley and explained the situation, she helps the brothers trap Lucifer at a local hotel. Sam utilizes Ketch’s weapon and Rowena helps with her magic to dispel Lucifer and send his essence away. Afterward, the secret service arrives and arrest the Winchesters as Castiel takes Kelly from the hotel. She later ditches Castiel wanting to continue her pregnancy with Lucifer’s child.



Quite an unexpected predicament we have here as the Winchesters are up the worst creek since their days being hunted by the real FBI. Lucifer’s chapter may be closed for now, but the lore of his spawn has just begun bringing possibly another age-old apocalypse that the Winchesters may not know how to handle. This tale seemed more fit as a two-hour special but a lot was crammed into a single episode with a fitting cliffhanger to round out the winter season with thankfully no Christmas themed shenanigans. Our real twist came with Mr. Ketch as he rather helped the team rather than put them at odds. It was a fascinating development, one that I fully support for the time being.



The inclusion of creating the child of the devil has a large amount of background tales to weave and utilize, so it’ll be interesting to see how Supernatural reigns in their version of Rosemary’s baby. Even though I’d never think this Lucifer would be so naïve that the thought didn’t occur to him until after he actually had human sex is slightly baffling, but then again, this Lucifer is in a way very adolescent in his behavior as late. He needed direction and this was a very logical direction to go.


Mr. Ketch is slowly turning into a likeable character. True he’s cleaned up some awkward messes that if Dean were to find out he’d probably beat him senseless, but as it stands, he’s generally favorable in his efforts to assist the American branch of the men of letters. He could still be working in his own undercover way, but suffice it to say, I like the attitude and simplicity of his workmanship. I hope he doesn’t pull too many convenient devices out of his suitcases to coincidentally help save the day, that’d be weird.



It was really more about the lack of time to fully flesh out this dramatic tale. When Lucifer conversed with Rooney about essentially what he needed him for, I expected more development with this concept as Lucifer burrowed his path into DC and made some heinous changes and ruckus. One example barely came about when he off-handedly mentioned pardoning Manson. There just seemed moments that were meant to happen further, but budget was probably super-tight by this point in the season. Rooney wasn’t a bad Lucifer, he just wasn’t bringing the kind of pizzazz that normally comes with the devil’s personality and needed more time to flesh out the routine.



When Rowena thanked Crowley for exploding her fiancé. It was a cute moment that the two shared having reconciled somewhat over a hated past. At first you expect her to be disgusted by the blood on her face, but her warm and tearful thanks was all the light-hearted change of pace we needed.



Convenience Ketch is his name. If it wasn’t for him, the Winchesters would still be suffering a capture and no plan to take down Lucifer. I still think he’s hiding a bit of information but he’s certainly reliable and a charming fellow for the moment. Props for Dean spotting the easily recognizable grenade launcher, something he’s been keen on using as he certainly has one.



Regarding Kelly and her plot in the future, I imagine this will include a sped up pregnancy and a child that will probably grow as fast as Amara did. After twelve seasons, the child of Lucifer has many potential threads to take and I want them to be more unique than any tale of this magnitude has come before. On most occasions, the child tends to be an evil son, but a daughter could also be a possibility to start.


What really happened to Lucifer? Clearly he wasn’t sent back to hell even though Rowena’s spell suggests otherwise. That seemed entirely too easy and no one really confirmed that was exactly what happened. His essence escaping down a vent could mean anything.


I kept thinking when Dean mentioned the Scooby gang that it would automatically be followed up by a Buffy reference, but there was an actually Scooby gang before they went their own way with it and 90’s references are far and few between these days.


If anything seems obvious, Mr. Ketch will once again have to bail Sam and Dean out of their hairy situation. Or it could go a different approach and send the brothers to DC but I have a feeling things still change course once the British Men of Letters make their presence known.



7 out of 10. Not the capitol swan-song for Lucifer, but his lineage now has a guaranteed rising on the way as his child will soon become the next nephilim scare. We won’t know if it will usher in strange forces to mess with the Winchesters, but rest assured, a lot of supernatural forces may be after it. It would make sense and Sam and Dean would need an army like the men of letters to help protect Kelly. This is turning into a well crafted precursor to the maelstrom that’s to come after the winter break. Let’s hope Mr. Ketch becomes a series regular if he’s in fact a good character and not masquerading as a cold-hearted assassin of evil. Thanks for reading.



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