A Sashurai’s Review: Supernatural – Season 12×09 (Wishing that was the Evil Dead house)



Sam and Dean are taken to a hidden government bunker in Colorado and put in separated isolation for several weeks in an attempt to gain a confession over the incident with the President. Meanwhile, Castiel informs Mary who continues the Winchester tradition of saving people and hunting things. The Winchesters are eventually found dead and left in a morgue but suddenly return to life and escape into the mountains. The government officials attempt to re-capture Sam and Dean but fail. With the aid of the Mick and Ketch from the Men of Letters, Castiel and Mary find Sam and Dean and on their way back home are confronted by Billie the reaper who agreed to help the brothers escape in exchange for one of their lives. As Mary decides to sacrifice herself, Castiel stabs Billie from behind with an angel blade, killing her and expressing the need to keep the Winchesters alive for the good of the world. After Mick documents and communicates his recent dealing with the Winchesters and Ketch helping to cover up their escape, he is later seen conversing with Mary about joining forces, to which she seems initially receptive toward.



Clever to a point, the return of Supernatural deals in typical Winchester mayhem that sees the end of a rather dull minor character and the rise of brighter ones that will catapult the American culture of hunting into a more “civilized” accord. What stands out is the resourcefulness of the brothers and the desperation of their angel companion as the business of hunting propels in fascinating directions. Mary continues to be just as much of the glue holding them together as Castiel is. Although a few minor nitpicks jump out from the screen, tonight’s episode was a fun romp into the tactical fortitude the Winchesters continue to display while making a promise that new stories to come will be fresh and interesting.



Using Billie to help them escape was practically genius given the radical lonely atmosphere they were putting up with. Sometimes the worst torture is dealing with too much non-interaction and the unknown passage of time. Even better was Castiel finally putting an end to Billie the bland who to the final moment never became a character who had any traits worth exploring or developing. This is one loose end I’m thankful wrapped up nicely.


It may have been a little embellished on the part of the writers, but watching Sam and Dean take out a small group of military henchmen was appropriately amusing. Their stone-sour faces as they made due with what they found to combat their foes is something we’re not normally used to seeing as they tend to be wild and explosive in their fights. Here, they were silent and calculating and delivered in ways I hadn’t expected this time around. Very entertaining segment to say the least.



Outside of the some of the more unrealistic elements of this particular plot I found the tone more than anything seemed oddly all over the place. The officials presiding over the cells of the Winchesters were represented poorly, almost comedic in a way that wasn’t funny in the least not to mention their matching outfits at the end only added to the silliness of it all. One would think with a few months of holding the Winchesters there would be a few more involved than just the same two guys who they started out with. There was very little to get tense over with Sam and Dean owning every moment they were in, even staying silent over which brother was going to be the one to let go when Billie showed up. It was almost as if they had a plan to escape that deal when in fact, they didn’t.



When Castiel killed Billie. There probably isn’t anyone an Angel blade can’t kill, but I wasn’t expecting it to work on a reaper. Castiel made a tough but necessary call and I’ve no doubt Billie’s promise of cosmic consequences will surely return to haunt the Winchesters and the deal that was broken. If we’re lucky it might call upon the return of the real grim reaper, but that’s just wishful thinking.



Mary was absolutely a trooper in this episode with continuing the hunting tradition and immediately choosing herself to die when Billie arrived. There wasn’t much doubt she wasn’t going anywhere but there’s no denying that she’ll do what she has to make sure her sons are safe when its in her power to do so. Even though I don’t think she’ll be a mainstay beyond this season, there’s still a lot we’ll probably learn and like from her.



When the guard found Sam’s body and then told the officials he did CPR with no effect, Sam is shown in the same position on his side from before and after. So the guard did CPR, failed and moved Sam back on his side again? Bad editing.


Doesn’t Dean know any summoning spells he could have used to summon Castiel or Crowley using that screw or his own blood? There must be a dozen sigils he could have tried to work up a solution other than calling for Billie.


Is Mary left-handed? Usually you swing with the dominant writing hand if I’m not mistaken and she was holding the machete with her left hand. And she either spent the late night killing that vampire nest or the headless vampire outside didn’t mind the daylight before getting beheaded.


Now we know for certain the Men of Letters will dispense any manner of death they feel is necessary to preserve their interests including humans with no abilities what-so-ever. This makes Ketch even more interesting of a character and can’t wait for the showdown with whoever takes him down by the end of this season.




8 out of 10. Morbid yet amusing, tonight’s return of the Winchesters wraps up their capture by the government and subsequent uneasy alliance with the Men of Letters bringing us closure with a reaper and a broader scope with what’s to come. No development on the nephilim front, but even without Lucifer’s influence, we’re stepping in a grand direction for a twelve year show. Can their truly be order bestowed to the western lifestyle of hunting or will the Men of Letters be drawn into a chaotic change of their own doing? Stay tuned to find out. Thanks for reading.

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