A Sashurai’s Review: The Vampire Diaries – Season 8×13 (This fall, from the producers who brought you TVD comes, The Cannibal Divas)




Kai bargains with Damon that if he can fully escape hell, he will bring back Elena. Meanwhile, Bonnie discovers that Enzo still exists within a pocket dimension she created psychically after he died. When she finds him through Cade’s help, Enzo warns her that Cade is searching for him. Outside of town, Dorian holds Stefan at gunpoint and makes him dig a grave while remembering that Stefan killed his family years ago to prove himself to Klaus. Dorian shoots Stefan but regrets it and calls on Matt for help. Stefan is saved but tells Caroline he intends to find his atonement alone which frustrates her. At night, Caroline meets with Alaric and the twins as they begin showing signs of hostility and magic using. Damon tries to convince Kai to bring back Elena as a means to redeem his soul, but Kai instead siphons Damon to the point of death and leaves with Elena’s coffin to an unknown location.



Going through the motions, TVD begins putting all the remaining pieces in place for whatever finale it intends to draw out. Twice Stefan takes a wound to the gut and both teams he’s stabilized. I’m sure he’ll be radically right as rain by the next episode. Kai, always the humorous villain of sorts steals his moments if not a bit overzealous and hyped on all the caffeine known to man. Enzo’s pocket dimension can mean a lot of things moving forward with all the hells and heavens there can be, but I doubt this will get much more scientific then who has more psychic power, Cade or Bonnie. The twins and their tempers are likely associated to Kai’s return, but whether it’s that or a greater disruption in the magic paradigm we won’t know until next week, possibly. All this and the everlasting tease that Elena is inbound. Not a bad episode, but not the greatest either.



Bonnie is quickly becoming the one character who has a shot at defeating Cade, notwithstanding the dagger that Damon found and proclaimed as the killing weapon. It may not be as simple as stabbing him with it because that realm of hell he created may continue to exist forever, but therein lies the infinite realm of possibilities between Bonnie’s psychic draw and Cade’s infernal machinations. I’d like to think this battle between them could become epic, but it should come down as a total team effort by the cast to rid Cade and probably Kai too at this juncture. There’s individual strength, and Enzo and Bonnie’s love may be the key to bringing everyone together on this final ride.


Kai is still a fun character to hate and laugh at. Always behind on the pop-culture loop, but forever jaded as the odd-villain out. Bringing him back to release Elena was probably the best call they could make that didn’t involve Bonnie’s death, however there’s always a chance that’s still going to happen if the only way for Bonnie to be with Enzo is to die. Why else would she have been so enthralled by him if not to present a situation like this? Kai may in fact be the red herring here.



Stefan’s atonement felt oddly out of place. He’s still in rough shape, physically and mentally, still new to being human again and full of regrets. He doesn’t want to let go but he can’t exist with happiness knowing there’s too many he hurt out there. It’s self-induced limbo, the heart of all sullen masochism. So long as there’s those out there who won’t forgive him, he won’t forgive himself. What seems contradictory is that he probably should have let go when Cade went to him. He instead remained stubborn and came back, only to tell Caroline he needs to whine and dine alone. She has every right to be upset with him, and if it doesn’t set him some great big decision to assist in the finale, Stefan’s subplot will just feel a bit like filler.



As entertaining as Kai is, I think what stood out was Bonnie’s ability to find Enzo in the dimension she created. There’s a lot of potential in what she can do and with what Enzo’s going through, it stands to reason that whatever trials they are going through, their love will transcend through it, much like Damon is trying to with Elena and Stefan is with Caroline. Bonnie’s crisis though has a bit more weight to it because it directly conflicts with Cade the main villain. I do like the fantasy element to it all and am wondering how far they intend to take it.



Let’s give it to Kai by simply being Kai. He’s easily still a loose cannon, able to be good-natured and then evil at the drop of a hat. He’s perfect ambiguity driven by the goal to survive. He won’t put his trust in anyone but his own hands and now that he still has power, he’ll manage it however he can to keep away from Cade’s hell. Everything he’s doing makes sense from his perspective and with Cade being a very bland and uninteresting evil-doer, Kai is a good back-up bad guy to have on hand.



Kai is playing the convenient card and ends up right where he needs to be, first in Mystic Falls and then in the caves where Alaric and Damon were. I guess he still knows how to do locator spells. But in all fairness to Cade, why can’t he know someone’s missing and where he is? If Cade can sense and appear where Stefan is dying, why can’t he show up where other humans actually are dying that Damon is killing for Kai? Consistency maybe?


Did Damon move Elena’s coffin from the house to the crypt? Did anyone? I might have missed how that thing went from point A to point B.


This may be a long shot, but how interesting would it be if Hayley somehow showed up near the tail end of the finale to help bridge the gap between TVD and The Originals. She’s the only character capable of crossing over given the finale and she needs a lot of help to find her cures for everyone. You’d think they’d maybe give it a shot for all time’s sake.


Will Bonnie in fact be a descendant of Cade in some capacity? There aren’t any direct signs that point to this other than both being psychic, but maybe that reveal would have already come out if that was the case. It shouldn’t hold any bearing other than a slight distraction if they decide to go that route. Bonnie at this point will do almost anything to save Enzo, assuming that’s even still an option at this point.



7 out of 10. Kai brought some levity to an otherwise topsy-turvey emotional rollercoaster of an episode. The big take-aways here are that Bonnie does in fact have the power to create new realities like Cade and Enzo is in one. Stefan has this fool’s quest to atone on his own, and Damon is back to obsessing over Elena’s return because as always she’s his only real shot at happiness. When Elena does come back, she should probably do the same thing as Stefan and bail town to wander the earth. Maybe even Jeremy should cameo just to really confuse things. A generally mild episode with some moderate moments of climactic building. Don’t shoot or stab Stefan in the stomach anymore, that’s starting to get tired. And don’t show Elena in the final promo of the series, just let her come back naturally on screen. Thanks for reading.



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