A Sashurai’s Review: Supernatural – Season 12×14 (When Dean is the good cop, there’s something amiss)




After a falling out with her sons, Mary convinces Sam to visit a remote base housing the men of letters who are conducting a plan to eliminate the last of the vampires in the mid-western region of the country. Meanwhile, Ketch goes to Dean at the bunker and persuades him to join him on the same hunt, but just the two of them. The alpha vampire however finds the nest and takes his children to the base where Mary and Sam are. During the attack, Mick reveals the colt in his possession prompting Sam to help with a spell to turn some bullets lethal to kill the alpha. Mary is later betrayed by a fellow hunter allowing the Alpha entry into the base. With Mick’s help, Sam kills the alpha with the colt as Ketch and Dean arrive. After the remaining vampires flee, Sam agrees to join Mick’s team stating to give him time to convince Dean as well.



There’s not much left to be said about the two-dimensional bloodsuckers within the Supernatural franchise. Benny had heart, but beyond his appearances in season’s past, the alpha was the last remnant of an interesting tale. This episodes wrapped up the major plans and gave us a very expanded view of vampiric genocide, one that impressed Sam enough to make him finally choose a side. The depths of Dean’s bruised ego was met with a stubborn Mary who offered to explain her situation only being able to do so after Dean realized who he might have lost. Most of the highlights centered on Ketch and Mick’s relationship and the powerful nature of the men of letters regarding their mission. With the colt back in play, I expect the remaining unkillable entities to make their appearance soon.



The might and muster of the London chapter has flaws, and it was near time to expose some of them which included Ketch’s disdain over the inclusion of all the Winchesters. Mick is certainly the more diplomatic of the two, but for the first time, Ketch came down to a level that Dean understood and probably respected given their robust styles. There’s a dynamic here that I hope gets explored, because Ketch is so far very good at reading people.


Bringing the colt back will have significant value and destroying the alpha was the example needed to focus its raw potential. The alpha tried to come off as an immortal being with no weakness to the gun, and he was assuredly wrong on his level of importance. I do praise his willingness to get his hands dirty, but the menacing attitude really wasn’t being sold well. When Sam made a convincing argument to a being of that caliber, I was certain the alpha’s days were easily numbered.



The lackey hunter was the poorest element of the episode. I remember Aaron Douglas’s days on the fantastic retelling of BattleStar Galactica, but he didn’t shine a lot here. I can’t imagine one hunter could help the alpha stay hidden in such a way that the alpha couldn’t do it himself. Seemed like a poor excuse to give the alpha entry into the base. He should be strong enough to rip those doors off the hinges. And they didn’t connect the vampires to his bloodline like a lot of other versions do when a maker/sire/master dies, thus killing or absolving the bloodline under them. If they really wanted to end the vampire line in this series they might as well have done it here.



It was short, but Dean stepping in and showing some minor compassion for Kris, the vampire was fascinating because the style Ketch used wasn’t all that different than Dean’s when it comes to torturing information out of a creature/character. His offer to “make it quick” was a simple reminder that a creature under his view will still be put to death in favor or saving those he cares about. This should open Dean’s eyes up to the menacing will of the London chapter and that in a way, Ketch is his own doppelganger if not more properly trained.



Ketch showed some interesting development here. He went off on his own to follow on London’s request to recruit the brothers and he chose Dean, someone he thought he could convince through drink and violence. His disagreements with Mick are actually enlightening because up until recently, they seemed like a solid group. Now we know that Ketch has his own view of things but stays loyal as a practice. I do wonder how that will further change his outlook when things go from bad to worse.



The chain link fences on wheels seemed very low-security when paired up with hand-print scanners and cargo wall-style defenses. We saw two vampires make short work of the interior fences, why did they bother with scanning a dead guard’s hand? Seemed redundant.


When Dean practically chastised Sam for not picking a side between him and their mother, how else did Dean think Sam would react? Dean was over it, but he had to have guessed that Sam would be more sympathetic toward their mother than anything. Luckily all is well when the family comes together to fights monsters.


The fortified hotel was a humorous comment as the alpha strolled in unannounced. For a moment I thought there’d be a more rousing speech rather than a weak attempt at attacking the stronghold directly. The move was poorly executed in that they had no idea what to expect within the make-shift base. Claws and biting only get vampires so far. Well through chain link fences for sure.


I could see one aspect here follow up where all the great hunters of America rise up to face down against whatever Lucifer’s child is or represents toward this finale. It would be a tale that the London chapter could return back home with knowing the country was in good hands without them. I’d like to see something epic like that.



8 out of 10. Dean can now be upset with both his brother and mother when things don’t go his way. He has a hard time grasping decisions outside of his influence that appear as betrayal because of his nature to tackle the world’s problems with common sense and family values. Sam is ironically more objective if not equally emotional given his own challenges in life. Mary really fits into this dynamic as the person was understands the bigger picture in that destroying creatures one job at a time just isn’t as optimal as doing it with a stronger force. Supernatural is carrying more weight this season based on those driving values than ever before and I like the dynamic these three represent. The alpha was a statement that the colt is back in town, ready and capable of killing powerful entities, but with every topic brought up about the “5 things” it can’t kill, one has to wonder when the next one will show up. Thanks for reading.



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