A Sashurai’s Review: The Vampire Diaries – Season 8×15 (Waaaaaay too much fun handling that skull there, Damon)




Stefan and Damon plan to bring Katherine out of hiding by initiating the wedding between Stefan and Caroline. Together, they gather Katherine’s bones and with the help of Matt’s father, fashion a dagger capable of killing her. Meanwhile, Alaric and Dorian research an alternate plan by destroying hell completely with psychic energy. Enzo convinces Bonnie to attend the wedding and share in Caroline’s happiness as Alaric brings the Gemini twins to attend the wedding as well. Matt’s mother, Kelly returns to Mystic Falls though it is revealed that she returned from hell in a limited fashion and is helping Katherine enact of plan of her own. Prior to the wedding, Kelly attacks Peter and after, sets off an explosion during the reception that encapsulates Bonnie and the twins in a house. With Enzo’s help, Bonnie discovers she still retains magic and allows the twins to siphon her allowing them to escape. Before Kelly succumbs to her expired time, she reveals to the group that not only did Katherine escape but so did Vicky, who is shown returning to the Maxwell bell and begins striking it. Stefan watches in shock as Bonnie collapses from the bell’s initial strikes.



Only a handful of moments remain as The Vampire Diaries revel in the machinations of one silent and observant Katherine, ruler of hell. The wedding theme came and went, more as a plan to lure out the enemy, but also as milestone marking the union of Caroline and Stefan. The moments were crisp and elegant in both the reflective moments and the somber background of looming events. Still absent is the lovely Nina who will only appear in the final episode, as the lone hero and villain colliding one last time. If there’s one thing this show has defined for its watchers, is that they won’t leave you without a colossal moment to shock and awe you. Does that end with Bonnie’s death? I think not. It’s only the beginning.



Let’s start with the subterfuge of making us believe Katherine was observing the wedding and aftermath when in fact it was Vicky, complete with the curly locks familiar to young Katherine, hell’s new look. For reasons oddly considered, her involvement in the destruction of Mystic Falls makes perfect sense. After all, her death by the machinations of old-school evil Damon sparked some early controversy regarding the vampire with an obsession. Who better to convince her to wipe away the slate by annihilating the town that nearly forgot her? Revealing that instead of a watchful Katherine was a fantastic move, bottom line. The hits continue to rise and there’s no shortage or stoppage of great moments leading to the last. Will Vicky actually chime the last strike, or will she be stopped in time? How fast can Damon run?


The more Enzo delights in Bonnie’s presence, the more obvious it becomes that those two will exist in that dimension together forever. It’s poetic and tragic, but simultaneously necessary for Elena’s appearance. The spell placed in her only had one way of ending, and the sad truth is unless magic itself is removed completely, Bonnie won’t make it out of this series alive. And in the tale of love, she may not want it any other way. Enzo needs her, and she needs him. The world is there for them to be together, and like all love stories, when it’s powerful, it’s destined. There may be deep sadness by the group, but Elena’s return will be the silver lining.



Kelly had an odd place throughout the episode, both as a distraction from Vicky’s presence and as a general nuisance among the group. I’d forgotten about her and her role long ago and struggled to remember if she actually died on screen or behind it. After she explained the situation I understood which also led to her rant over Damon’s responsibility for killing Vicky. I suppose no one else would have made the same impact, but at the same time, the impact just wasn’t there until we all realized who the woman behind the curtain really was.



The Vicky reveal. I’ve stated my opinion in the past about supporting Vicky over Caroline as a the vampire who should have been long-lasting. This moments brings a lot of that first season full circle, something I’m glad is kept in house with Katherine as the final villain and not someone like Cade who made such a small impact on the season as a whole. Without a single line, she delivered the killing blow that may see Bonnie into the afterlife. I’m anxious to see if she’ll stop there or find some way to forgive the man who turned her to begin with.



It’s a bit of a Damon and Enzo split. Both characters supported their loved ones effectively and remarkably. Enzo was more spirited in love and confidence while Damon remained passive but authentic. His toast to the late Liz Forbes was a shining moment that illuminates Damon’s charisma and loyalty toward close friends. Enzo has somehow turned the tide with his love for Bonnie and for that I applaud his character making a difference in someone’s life that deserved happiness. They both earned it.



Based on the one brief moment shown in the final episode, we know Elena wakes and everyone isn’t on fire. Therefore it’s basically safe to say that Vicky won’t make that last strike and Bonnie’s heart will stop long enough for Elena to wake up. Whether that means Bonnie will or won’t recover remains to be seen. I guess it all depends on whether this shows wants Enzo and Bonnie to cling together now or if Enzo’s spirit will watch for years to come.


I can’t truly imagine any more characters succumbing to death unless Katherine herself kills Elena, which would endcap this series in a way that the Salvatores will never expect, and possibly the audience. While death scenes are a means to give us tragedy and heart-crushing moments, what’s important is whether those characters have learned the life-lesson they were meant to learn. Did they fulfill the act the show needed them to and at the end of the day, is their life complete as we understand it? If the answer is yes, then anyone can die in the final episode including the brothers themselves.


Okay, let’s get this theory out and about even though I haven’t purposefully looked for it online. Is Elena actually Elena, or will it be Katherine posing as her when the big wake-up scene happens? That’s the first trick Katherine played at the end of season 1 and it worked perfectly. It stands to reason that history may repeat itself and the real Elena is trapped somewhere, or worse. Katherine is reliably the smartest most devious character on this show, we all know it and she won’t just show up without making the kind of entrance that really sells the return. Having her pretend to be Elena one more time is perfect and I support that possibility. And it will really piss Damon off.


While The Originals has its own mythology to tell and not too long ago I thought bringing Hayley in would be cool to have, I also think having someone be in the last season of The Originals will be equal to or better. Some characters may have a story to tell outside of TVD and I wouldn’t mind watching them progress into the spin-off to satisfy that storyline. Who knows, it could really shake things in New Orleans.



9 out of 10. The Vampire Diaries is being careful but very smart in the last few episodes it had. Tonight, it shook up the status quo once more and brought one more old character into the fold, someone who is capable of destroying the town and that is the missing element the finale needed, widespread upheaval. It may be cut short, but the threat is there and the town is as much a part of the family as are the individuals. One last party wouldn’t be against the tradition of this show, but I hope before things are said and done, the group face real fears and dread before saving the day. Caroline got her wedding and Damon got to play with Katherine’s skull, the rest is semantics toward bringing Elena back. But will Katherine instead emerge from the coffin for one last scare? We shall certainly see. Thanks for reading. One more to go.



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