A Sashurai’s Review: Supernatural – Season 12×15 (Maybe Mick could invest in that algorithm program anyway)

SN 12x15



The Winchesters track a murder to a hellhound known as Ramsey, the first of her kind and loyal to Lucifer. Two demons released her in hopes of gaining favor with Lucifer. The devil destroys them anyway after being set free and waits for Crowley to return. Meanwhile, Crowley helps Sam and Dean confront the hellhound as Castiel is persuaded by an angel to return to heaven and hear what their new leader, Joshua has to say about combining forces against Dagon and the nephilim she protects. After Sam kills the hellhound, Crowley returns to his fortress and reminds Lucifer who is in charge by explaining that his vessel has been warded to prevent him from ever escaping or harming the king of hell. Back at the bunker, Sam reveals that he’s been working with the men of letters and is surprised when Dean agrees to join them under the condition that they cut ties the second something doesn’t feel right.



One of the more interesting themes this season is the emergence of firsts in the supernatural realm; the princes of hell and now the original hellhound to name a few.  After a series of attacks, she’s quite easily brought down much like her kind of the past. Some sparks of interest come and go including the angels rallying for a smarter offensive against hell and of course, Dean’s inclusion to the men of letters. It’s all leading to something I think will be grandiose and the pace continues to rise toward that eventual climax. The episode contained a few moments that are above average, but mostly a status quo story and a usual promise of things to come.



Crowley is more than satisfying his role this season as a much more seasoned and strategic king of hell. Lucifer should always find his moments of darkness and scary entrances, but he’s more relegated to an animal with more bark than bite. Crowley needs to stay on top of the situation and so far he has. Whether he needs the thanks of Sam and Dean or forgiveness from his mother, one can’t truly say at the moment, but for now he’s plenty occupied in showing Lucifer who is the new boss. That’s the best version of Crowley we need right now.



I was hoping for either a stronger connection between the young woman and the hellhound or at least a more powerful hellhound capable of withstanding an angel blade. The original hellhounds were insanely savage and quite menacing in their invisible state. Outside of a short history lesson on Ramsey’s origin, there wasn’t much of a difference save for a vendetta after being hit with an axe. It was probably the most underwhelming aspect of the episode given all encompassing story surrounding it.



When Crowley put Lucifer in his place at the end of the episode. Lucifer will never stop feeding his own ego and promise that he’ll make Crowley suffer, but this time, there was nothing he could do as Crowley once more made the devil his servant. And it was a smart move on Crowley’s part in making Lucifer’s vessel a personal cage. It has a sense of irony and twist that makes the king of a hell a real worthy adversary.



I think Crowley deserves it as he maintains some semblance of an alliance with the Winchesters and brought Lucifer to his knees once more. He’s learning how to be a big thinker and keeps friends and enemies closer together as the old adage goes. I hope its not the last of his plans and tricks but even so, he’s still in charge for a reason even if he tends to look bored doing it.



The angel so far has made a convincing argument for Castiel to return to the angel fold. For once I’m interested to see what will come of this meeting with Joshua. I’m not expecting a monumental shift in the angel plot thread, but at least there’s a spark of investment because Castiel really does need a home to go to, and Earth isn’t always the best one for him.


Lucifer’s snap kills on those two demons was good injected humor, brought by Mark’s ownership of the devil’s mind. He doesn’t need nor want minions that will betray anything and everyone for their own purpose. For now, he does everything all by himself. But shouldn’t Lucifer had known the restraint on his face wasn’t actually doing anything? I suppose headgames with the devil are just that.


I don’t think it will take long for Dean to suspect something off with the men of letters now that he’s open to the prospect of joining them. Sam makes good points that Dean really can’t argue right now, and until it compromises his beliefs or the family’s, he should go along for the ride. Dean doesn’t like to view the big picture, but for once, he’s considering it. We’ll see how long it lasts.


Still no word on the third prince of hell and his relation to the overall plot. He’ll need to make an appearance soon unless he doesn’t factor into the main villain of this season, who as it stands could still be the devil’s child, or Dagon. It can go a few ways at this point, but someone should take that mantle soon of the seasonal villain.



7 out of 10. A slightly above-average episode with some interesting elements both angelic and demon related. Sam and Dean take baby steps into trusting the men of letters, and Crowley reveals on of his cards involving the real control over Lucifer. The hunt for Kelly and her unborn child continues as Castiel return to heaven in hopes of solidifying a new alliance with the angel team. It may lead to something good, but odds are it won’t last long. Many things need to go wrong and I suspect the first will be Dean’s distrust of Mick and Ketch, leading to a brand civil war of some kind. If the hellhound plot had more relevance I think this episode would have been stronger for it, but as it stands, we’re one more checklist off of the origin of our more frequent minions. Until next time, thanks for reading.



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