A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 4×02 (Attack of the killer lens flare!)

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Hayley, Elijah and the Mikaelson family construct a plan to free Klaus from imprisonment while Klaus deals with his fears as a father as his conscious conjures Camille to help identify and deal with the problem. Vincent tries to find the young boy, Adam which leads him to encounter a dark magical force tied to the serpent symbol which he recognizes as a strong threat. Rebekah meets with Marcel as Freya, Elijah, and Hayley find Klaus captured in a spell under the city. Unfazed by Rebekah’s threats, Marcel returns to the Mikaelson home and battles Elijah as Freya works on breaking the spell holding Klaus. Hayley intervenes on the fight but it is Klaus himself who helps them escape after forcibly pulling the dagger from his chest. Outside the city, Marcel confronts the family and lets them leave citing his mercy and vowing consequences should they return. Later that night, Hayley brings Klaus to the home where they watch Hope sleep. Klaus watches with a proud smile seeing his daughter for the first time in five years.



Things are moving along rather quickly as Klaus is now once more reunited with his family and daughter. The Originals have secretly stormed the gates of New Orleans and came out unscathed against a foe who believes he still owns their lives. Marcel is probably correct, but will Vincent’s fear become the new focus for both sides to join in against? I’d say it’s hard to keep the Mikaelson’s out of New Orleans, but until Klaus settles back in his fatherhood shoes, I think we haven’t seen the last of his bloodthirsty and vengeful side. Very ramped episode with enough decent screen-time on all our favorite characters complete with a few noteworthy fights and enough character development for Klaus to stock up for at least a couple episodes before he likely reverts to king Klaus and the kingdom he is drawn to. Let’s hope Hope can turn that around.



Klaus’s fit with understanding his fears and using Camille as a guiding force toward that realization was really well done. Projecting such personas is tricky when the core focus is understanding that all words and actions are provided by both the perception and belief of the person doing the projecting. Klaus always knew Camille to be reliably analytical and would cut to the core of most issues simplistically. This Camille really did help Klaus and didn’t act as a vengeful spirit blaming him for her death. In his mind, there were no wrong decisions, only regretful ones. Still, he gave himself the courage and fortitude to take the dagger from his chest, an act never before done until now. There’s strength to gain in such a moment and if the season is smart, Klaus will continue to build on that momentum moving toward an assured climactic battle with Marcel or something worse.


Settling on getting Klaus out of New Orleans now was a bold move considering the season doesn’t have time to dawdle on elongated plot threads. Was it too rushed? I don’t think so. What’s important to note here is family triumphs over the land and the Mikaelsons don’t need New Orleans to be at least somewhat satiated and at peace with the world. That could very well change, but for now, Elijah and the others are past those kinds of boundaries, something Marcel won’t be able to contribute because his loyalty to the city is brick-deep. There are often only a few occasions on this show when all siblings fight for the same cause, and it’s good to see that early now instead of at the end of a season.



We’re two episodes deep and still no glimmer of understanding the new threat caught by Vincent as he dusted off an old journal containing the same symbol seen in the city and by Hope herself. We have no name, just an awareness that it’s dark magic and whatever is controlling is has encountered Vincent before. It’s obviously witch-related, but like all witch plots, the division of magic means several possibilities here. What it wants and why we don’t know, but it stole Adam and if Hope can sense it, it might try to capture her as well. In any case, If the season is moving in a fast pace, then don’t sit on mysteries like identifying the big bad for too long. It gets tedious.



When Camille is able to convince Klaus to finally pull the dagger from his chest. Give Klaus enough incentive and he’ll move anything and everything to protect what he values and for a very long time, that dagger was one of the few things that could bring him down. Does this mean it won’t work on him anymore? I doubt it. That dagger is detrimental to keep any large power in check. Klaus believing that he should be in his daughter’s life is one more reason the light in his soul will continue to flicker until he becomes at peace with all the damage he’s caused over the centuries. Marcel wasn’t joking when he called him out as the worst monster ever made in the world considering the stacks of bodies he’s piled up since the beginning.



This should be given to Klaus for his mental fatigue and conversation with Camille as well as his power to escape with Freya’s help. Given the core of his issues, he’s willing to at least extend an olive branch of peace and that’s a far step than how he tends to treat his enemies. Marcel won’t make it easy, but all Klaus has to do is prove to himself he’s capable of being a good father and the rest should light his path the rest of the way.



Speculation on the villain, its abilities, and purpose can go for miles in any direction. Right now, after watching next week’s promo I’d say we’re in for a force that is usurping children either because they’re gifted in some way like Hope or because it needs their energy to harness something. It’s also hard to say if this is a single entity or a group of people. The Originals tends to deal with groups or packs of enemies and rarely will we see a single person with enough power to battle them all. Dalia was one such entity, but she was also a family member. This could be vastly different.


I briefly spoke of giving Josh a “thing to do” this season, and while he’s not entirely included on the big event he does have a relationship with a human he cares deeply for. This may get repetitive because Josh loses friends and boyfriends quite frequently on this show. Because there’s a human involved I suspect he’ll turn him into a vampire or be put in a position that he’ll need to to save his life against a life-threatening injury. Otherwise, we’re not focusing on the right elements for Josh to increase his value on the show. Josh needs to show he can make strong decisions and stand up against those who would threaten him. Physically, he’s the weakest vampire on this show, but his survivability should mean something since he’s lasted this long.


I’m hoping they don’t write Kol and Rebekah into these fits where they both “travel” to do something for find something and end up missing in action for half the season. Claire Holt does have other show commitments but that doesn’t mean she didn’t have the time to film all her sub-plots for season 4. Elijah, Freya, and Klaus are the core, but without everyone, it feels empty and they’re still a sibling short in Finn.


The next episode will probably keep the Mikaelsons away from New Orleans until the enemy that threatens them both brings everyone back together. Uneasy alliances are a course for the show and Marcel will never trust his old family again. It’ll be more poetic if Marcel has to seek Klaus out for an arrangement and not the other way around. Those are the moments that Klaus’s real devious smile comes into play.



8 out of 10. Tonight’s episode brought each Mikaelson a moment to capitalize on including Klaus’s mental anguish over being a parental figure in Hope’s life. Now that he’s free to pursue that path all signs point to the unexplained force that Vincent is fearful has returned from his past. Family is and always will be the core of the show notwithstanding the need to protect New Orleans from all villains close and far. The dynamic from here on out is whether protecting one’s own is enough or if that must extend to the kingdom to preserve all life within. Klaus will hold Hope’s care and protection above all, let’s just hope such decisions on that don’t include choosing between her and his siblings. Enjoyable episode and I always love it when Rebekah shines. Thanks for reading.




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