A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 4×03 (The sun can be orange, everyone loves orange)

TO 4x03



Klaus and the others take up residence at Hayley’s home while Marcel and Vincent continue to search for the missing children. Klaus connects with Hope as Kol and Rebekah leave to find their own purpose. Hayley and Elijah allow Keelin to escape but Freya recaptures her and offers her a deal of freedom in exchange for scientific help on killing Marcel. Vincent and Marcel find the children but are attacked by a witch loyal to the dark force within New Orleans. After killing him, Vincent reverses the spell placed on the children only to find Hope is affected as well. Marcel allows the Mikaelsons to return to the city to cure her even though Klaus fears it may be a trap. As the children are taken to the hospital they are commandeered by Detective Will Kinney who appears to be under the influence of the dark force as well.



It didn’t take long for some wretched element to force the oldest vampires back to their city, only this time they’ll be short a few siblings. The Originals widens the net and captures everyone into the same sinister plot involving a force directly tied to the city itself. The origin of the evil will prove fascinating as it’s always been about the city from day one. Klaus’s casual moments spent with his daughter are among the most sacred while Vincent’s past is shed one more layer revealing aspects of Eva we weren’t privy to before. Elijah and Hayley rekindle their romance which means one of them will probably be in danger soon because a show like this won’t keep too many relationships alive if not for the cyclical act of suffering to be had.



Tender Klaus is a happy Klaus. What we have here is the beginning of his path to a peaceful and proper existence raising a daughter who wants to understand where she comes from. Much of the framework had been given to him by Hayley, and so far he’s staying true to Camilla’s words about being selfless and good. He’ll need help even from his enemies if he’s truly going to protect her and that will be one of the more interesting tests he goes through for the sake of saving Hope.


Vincent’s rough past with Eva now gives us some more explanation into the origin of the dark force, whatever it technically is. We now know he was going to be a father and whatever had control of him made him do things against his will and memory. Outside of that he’s very set on doing the right thing including saving Hope which will put him in Klaus’s good graces, assuming Klaus doesn’t believe it was a set up. Vincent has been a key player with good intentions toward the witch community and the citizens in general, and seeing what happened to Eva only makes his path that much more crowded in chaos than we knew. It’s starting to look more and more like he himself will become a sacrifice in some play later in the season.



Rebekah and Kol leaving the show once again isn’t so much as a surprise as it is a redundant foot note. There may simply not be enough plot to keep them around so excuses are made and they leave town to find themselves especially Rebekah who wants a family of some sort. How that will work is anyone’s guess, but if Hayley and Klaus can make it happen, I’m sure Rebekah will find a way too. Kol has issues and with Davina gone doesn’t have much of a place given he’s not at terrifyingly evil as he was once made out to be. Given his carefree attitude as of late I can’t imagine he’ll be taking on too many heroic quests in the near future, but hopefully Rebekah will keep him on track for the most part. It’s just a shame they may not be coming back much if at all and there’s no telling if this is in fact the final season or not.



I think it’s easily safe to say Klaus sharing those moments with Hope were particularly encouraging most specifically when they shared some acts of drawing. Having something to be good for is the first step in fighting for one’s self and Klaus rarely does anything good unless it’s in the favor of someone he cares for. It’s a beginning that will shift into something more central for him, but for now, his daughter is giving him all the “hope” he needs to be a good father. And as for the art, it was a generous way to bring them together so quickly and they needed to within the one day they had.



Vincent pulled a lot of weight this time around especially given the heartfelt anguish he felt when trying to save Eva only to mystically lose their child to the dark force that’s plaguing the city. If he tries to do too much he’ll probably lose more than he handle including having to once again explain that Adam is missing and may not survive what’s happening the second time around. If there’s a peaceful end, Vincent should be the one to find it, but more and more he’s suffering the fate of the martyr who just wants peace in his city.



So far, Hope is still being tied to a witch bloodline of some sort regardless of Hayley and Klaus’s hybrid lives. She’s shown to have mystical healing and an awareness of events surrounding her, but she too is just as afflicted as the other children. I wouldn’t expect her to go phoenix any time soon, but I do wonder if she’ll have a moment where her abilities burst out when Klaus or Hayley are put in danger and she witnesses it.


Freya is trying to secretly uncover a way to kill Marcel. The scientific approach is a little left field because it’s not a consistent aspect of the show. Magic and the supernatural should rarely be mixed in with scientific explanations and biological themes. If we dull down the microbiology of how being a vampire or a werewolf works, we lose some of the mysticism that shows like this provide. Freya may find this answer she needs, but it’ll seem a little cheap given her immense power already.


I expect Marcel, Klaus and Elijah to have one or two more fisticuffs before all is said and done. Maybe a few neck-snaps here and there for good measure. Once Klaus realizes Marcel isn’t behind Hope’s illness maybe they’ll bury the hatchet and move on to more pressing concerns. Marcel still may take a grand fall before this is all over, but for now, he’s settling on doing the right thing because he doesn’t want to see innocents hurt. Let’s just hope Klaus believes him from the get go.


I think it’s safe to say Kinney isn’t acting on his own accord. That could mean other humans may be easily swayed into working under the dark force, or if he is aware then the evil’s allies could be entirely numerous and unseen giving anyone free reign to be untrustworthy. Whatever the case may be, we’re likely to see more examples of this as time goes on and I’m guessing it will result in a major character death at some point before too long.



7 out of 10. It wasn’t going to take long for the Mikaelsons to return to New Orleans and with Hope in despair, the clock is ticking. There were some fascinating looks into Klaus’s passive performance and Vincent’s tragic past including some outward thinking from Freya, but there wasn’t anything truly captivating aside from what we found out about Eva. Kol and Rebekah leaving won’t do the show any favors but it will give Klaus and Elijah breathing room from their siblings and that’s two less Mikaelsons they have to worry about. Into the city we return as this final evil tied to the city begins waking up. But it is truly malevolent, and does it just want the city cleansed of all supernatural forces. We’ll find out soon. Thanks for reading.



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