A Sashurai’s Review: Supernatural – Season 12×17 (That’s what we call a…Ketch 22)

SN 12x17



In a flashback, a young Mick Davies murders his classmate under a test given by his headmistress, Dr. Hess. In the present, Sam and Dean continue to track Kelly Kline along with the help of fellow hunter, Eileen Leahy. Mick becomes aware and is once more fighting his code to eliminate her on sight. Meanwhile, Lucifer pretends to give in to his subjugation to Crowley and convinces a demon to try and disarm the spell within his vessel. Elsewhere, after Ketch and Mary finish a mission, they sleep together with Mary declaring no strings attached. When Kelly is fooled into returning to the doctor who performed her check-up, she is taken by Dean to a remote location. Mick arrives with a men of letters cohort, Renny Rollins. Together, they argue over what to do with Kelly as Dagon arrives to take her away. As Dagon escapes with Kelly in custody, Eileen accidentally shoots and kills Rollins using the colt. Distraught over the incident, Eileen returns to Ireland as Sam and Dean contemplate their next move. Afterward, Mick returns to his base of operations and is confronted by Dr. Hess who plans to judge and eliminate Sam and Dean herself. Mick refuses to cooperate with the code and is shot dead by Mr. Ketch. Dr. Hess then declares that all hunters are to be eliminated.



Dark moments and certain death looms over the American hunters with a mixed bag of fraternization and a heavy emphasis on a future war between the hunters and the men of letters. Mick’s death marks the only real ally Sam and Dean had. While Ketch remains unquestionably loyal to his group, one wonders if his intimacy with Mary will fluctuate his own code when the time comes. Tonight’s Supernatural brought in a full maze of character arcs including some insight into Mick that showed how human he’s become over the years and what it ultimately cost him. Excellent episode with details for everyone minus Castiel who was the only missing member of this grand cast.



Mick’s past was meant to bring out the most of his development and as a supporting character I think he was given an exit fitting of his stature. Granted an ally killed him, but in a way it was a circular story that started and ended with the code being the root of difference between the MOL and the hunters. Change is forbidden and Mick suffered first hand what that means regardless of one’s spotless record. He won’t be sorely missed, but he came through for the most part by not giving in to the order he was brought up by. Now that he’s gone, there will truly be a wall between both sides with the exception of Mary who may or may not become Ketch’s target. What’s important here is not knowing what Ketch himself is capable of. Right now it’s easy to see, but the future could get murky for the assassin.


Good job bringing back Eileen and giving another solo hunter some screentime in a world where most hunters are being taken out little by little. I can’t imagine them utilizing her much more this season, but if the hunters do join forces I’ve no doubt she’ll be among them fighting the good fight. It’s no secret, she and Sam share some kinship that Dean can recognize and borderline flirtatious. For now I’d say it’s a show of respect, even if Sam gets teased about it. He cares about what happens to her and that shouldn’t be any secret.



If Crowley is being fooled by Lucifer, this won’t be a good sign for what’s to come. I’d like to believe that Crowley is in fact always two or ten steps ahead of Lucifer’s hidden agenda including knowing when the devil is faking submission. We won’t know the answer to that until Lucifer is freed from his prison. None of Lucifer and Crowley’s scenes seemed relatively important to showcase tonight, but it was good to see an episode that showcased near everyone.


Kelly and Dagon’s scenes didn’t lend toward much in the way of caring about either. Kelly must face a realization that giving birth means certain death and Dagon nearly throws that fact in her face. It puts Kelly in a very scared place, but it’s a farcry from understanding what her options are. She simply has none because her love for the nephilim will bring ruin as the men of letters professed. Dagon is certainly under Lucifer’s thrall regardless of the role she played long ago and as such doesn’t hold a candle to old yellow eyes himself. She’s not interesting and probably won’t become interesting in the future. It’s time to get rid of the third prince of hell already.



When Mr. Ketch killed Mick. I think we all knew it was coming but it still stung a little to see Ketch follow the code to methodically. I’m not certain such ways about control through plain and simple murder makes sense in a world fashioned by the men of letters, but rules are rules. Ketch is still as cold-blooded as ever, but hopefully we’ll see more of his character standout. He did fumble with his words when Mary made it clear their session meant nothing substantial.



Mick made the most change and effort and lost his life because of it. It sucks but it counts and he deserves the MVP tonight. As much as Eileen handled herself in the episode, she was still more of a background character. Mick was given a flashback and a struggle that he overcame by defying the order that made him who he was. When I first saw his character, this was the last thing I expected to see and that was conflict within the men of letters. He’s the only one to showcase that conflict and unless Ketch has issues, he may be the only one that we see in this position from this point on.



With only a handful of episodes left I wonder if the last prince of hell will make an appearance at all. He could be held off as a season 13 villain, and I wouldn’t mind it so much, but these days the princes aren’t little more than a rambunctious threat with monster telekinetic abilities. The colt can put an end to them easily. Let’s put in some more thought and menace into the last prince of hell please.


The nephilim birth and the invasion of the men of letters are slowly converging which means one or the other will have to be settled first and not likely at the same time. I’m hopeful that the nephilim will either annihilate Dr. Hess and her group or everyone will have to become super-awesome allies and fight together, but that doesn’t sound like this show will incorporate that kind of teamwork. Sam and Dean will quickly discover what happened to Mick and all hell, figuratively will break loose.


Mary sleeping with Ketch was…an interesting plot point. Certainly wasn’t truly expecting it, Mary has found a lot of focus with hunting, but we have no real idea what she was like in her younger days. Is she really looking for some kind of companionship outside of her struggle to be a mom and a hunter? Her sons will certainly disapprove of this and lately it’s been one disapproving decision after another. At least from Sam and Dean’s point of view, this will be a hassle to understand and Ketch will be the first to shoot first and shoot second and shoot third then ask questions, with a drink, minus the questions.


Notwithstanding the complexity of the men of letters and their historical backdrop, I’d like to see what other countries have fashioned over the decades to deal with their local monsters. Some monsters from other countries make their way into America, but there has to be similar groups like the hunters and MOL that battle them. The only odd thing to cover here is that ghosts are impossible to predict and eliminate from any country as a whole and England has to have them in abundance. How do they deal with ghosts in general? That’s a series in itself waiting to happen.



8 out of 10. Escalating doom is naturally what Supernatural strives for given there’s only 5 or 6 episodes remaining. Tonight, we focused on how the men of letters have brainwashed and corrupted people like Ketch and Mick to follow a strict code and only some of it has been undone by Sam and Dean’s intervention. The rest now falls on the brothers to make everything right and expel Dr. Hess and her group before Lucifer’s child lays waste to everyone. Will Kelly find a way to survive the birth or is her fate sealed. Eileen made a casual but welcome comeback and Ketch could be seen as playing both sides for his own benefit. If only he was a double-agent for something more sinister. If there’s an all out war planned I hope it happens sooner than later because all signs point to a bloody finale mixed with some reign of fire and Lucifer’s eventual escape. Wouldn’t it be funny if it turns out he was having a daughter instead of a son? I mean, how does he really know? Those angels. Thanks for reading.



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