A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 4×04 (Taking Blue Light Special to a whole new level)

TO 4x04


Hayley, Klaus, Freya, and Elijah return to New Orleans and meet Vincent, but he’s unable to cleanse Hope of her illness. When Detective Kinney is found to be allied with the group worshiping what becomes known as “The Hollow” Vincent and Elijah confront him and attempt to locate the missing kids. Meanwhile, Hayley and Marcel visit the bayou and find a member of the group who is a werewolf of the crescent moon pack. Once allied with the group, she takes her life having regretted the path she took in service to The Hollow. After meeting up in the woods, Hayley, Marcel, Klaus, Elijah, and Vincent search for the group and the missing kids while Freya and Keelin break into Marcel’s home in search for his venom. At night, the group is found and killed including Kinney however Marcel and Klaus are lured within a burning circle as their bodies unknowingly become anchors to The Hollow. Vincent transfers the spell holding the kids into Elijah and temporarily kills him to free everyone including Hope. However, after everyone is seemingly relieved at stopping The Hollow Marcel comes to realize he is affected as Hope sees her father is also affected by The Hollow.


This show certainly knows how to build up it’s cliffhangers with the current music these days. The Originals embarks on manifesting the new big-bad and now it has a name, but does it have a human form that can be killed? Like all powerful forces, this may be a simple case of creating a mortal coil and destroying it to eliminate the threat, but for now we have to contend with Marcel and Klaus, the two more powerful characters on the show and suffer an unseen wrath barely glimpsed by Hope herself. Freya’s subplot was the only sore thumb on this episode keeping to seems like a blood oath toward killing Marcel, an act that coincidentally everyone may need to stop him as he grows more evil in the future. The Mikaelsons are back in town, and I suspect they won’t be going anywhere for the remainder of the season. Another build-up episode to mark the coming of a spiritual evil that is worshipped by some, and feared by the rest. Outside of a few tender moments it was a very run-of-the-mill episode containing a bit more of that soft Klaus. The bad Klaus will probably be making an appearance sooner than we think.


The introduction to the Hollow is a slow burn, but so far we understand that innocence isn’t what it needs to anchor into the real world but real powerful entities such as Klaus and Marcel. What that entails for the future we can’t be certain as they may still have free reign over their normal personalities and decisions, but deep down, something will compel them to commit horrific acts or at the very least serve as conduits to The Hollow itself which we still don’t know is a single force or a team of evil things. This has a very similar vibe to the last season of TVD where Damon and Enzo were essentially “controlled” by the siren to do their bidding and feed her so they could become more powerful and walk the earth plane. If The Hollow wants to exist in a vessel, it will be interesting to see if it claims Marcel, Klaus or someone new we haven’t seen yet. Vincent is a candidate too since he’s been taken over by spirits before. All in all, situations like this will cause characters to question their loyalties and undermine the situation, which is what compels dramas like these.


Introducing groups and killing them all off in a single episode doesn’t lend much credibility in the force they’re serving, or the people themselves. No names or backstories or anything to tie us into caring much about the conflict put in the episode. At least Hayley had a moment with the werewolf lady, Laura, but even then we’re given so little go on and then she just dies by her own hand. For much of this episode, everyone had a one-track mind and the only real emotional elements were once gain Klaus’s uplifting words to Hope and Hayley asking Elijah that they need to change their ways about putting family first no matter who gets hurt. This show needs more of that personal conflict, and not just a group of vampires and witches on a single mission to lay waste to all that stands in their way. Without that emotional conflict, they’re just shells with dull lines spoken repeatedly. Vincent is the only character so far that will be animated no matter what he does and at least that keeps him more entertaining than the rest of the cast.


Probably the final moment of the episode. Marcel’s vision of the glass cracking mixed with Hope aimlessly wandering the Mikaelson home and seeing her father’s blue eyes was a haunting glimpse into what’s to come. Two kings of the city suffering the same ill affects of a powerful entity and so far there’s little they can do about it but absorb its will and manifest it however it wants. Hope seems to understand what’s happening enough to probably tell her mother and the others what’s happening, assuming she’s not lured into some state where she can’t help at all. It was a nice closing segment to end the episode.


Vincent had some quick thinking and the most emotional outbreak after losing his friend, Kinney. He’s lost a lot and continues to try and fight the good fight in hopes the city is protected by the right people. At the heart of his cause lies a dangerous truth that he’s still responsible for this Hollow’s presence and may be tied to it closer than we think. He’s putting in the best effort he can and for that, he’s the MVP tonight.


Is Laura’s suicide a sign of more werewolves returning to rectify Hayley’s absence? It makes me think the wolves will make some sort of play since they’ve been given so little to do over the seasons but it would be nice if they had more to offer as they seem to be the one element that’s the least affected by New Orleans and its inner turmoil.

We’re into episode 4 and we’re still given only the smallest of abilities that lie within Hope. Even as a newborn, she had more abilities than what she’s been capable of so far in this season. I’m not expecting the phoenix force to rise out of her or anything, but at some point she has to be the circulating factor that puts an end to all the evil surrounding this city. Everything should point to that unless there’s other cards at play we don’t know about yet.

It would also be interesting to see how far back this Hollow dates itself. Klaus never heard of it and he’s arguably the oldest character this show has ever had notwithstanding other spirits and characters like Silas and other villains of TVD. I think we should be treated with another flashback that deals with the origin of this force once we fully understand what its there to do and how its going to manifest once it takes human form, because all shapeless characters need human form, and a snarky sarcastic attitude.

Hayley asking Elijah what he was prepared to do is an interesting tease to their first real struggle as a couple. If he’s unwavering in his loyalty and stalwart sense of protection, than they may reach an impasse when he’s forced to once again make a hard decision, one that she may not be comfortable with. Just don’t force it and make it feel manufactured. They’re fine a couple right now and do care for each other, that much and get and support. Breaking them up is a normal process for shows like this, but do it so it make sense. So far, I get it and it’s fine. He’s less likely to change unless his character has some more growth to go through.


6 out of 10.  The Originals doesn’t score too high tonight as the breadcrumbs they followed led to a rather lack-luster climax and a new promise to convert the two more powerful characters into puppets of a stronger evil. Freya’s subplot will either be a significant problem pitting sister against other family members, or the very thing they need to battle an overtaken Marcel who as of now can only visualize what’s happening to him. Klaus himself may already have a better clue since he at least “tried” to ignore the blue light, only failing to do so because Marcel is an idiot. The next arc in this season is taking shape quickly which is a good thing since we don’t have a lot of time to handle this show’s likely final storyline. More weight needs to be added mixed with hard decisions and emotional dilemmas. The more anger and neck-snaps there are, the better this season will get once The Hollow becomes fully realized. Until next week. Thanks for reading.

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