A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 4×05 (This will literally become a thorn in their side)

TO 4x05



Klaus and Marcel both encounter the hollow posing as characters they loathe and are compelled to kill the other. Meanwhile, Freya gives Klaus the dagger that was forged to kill Marcel. Elijah and Hayley take hope to Mary who, after finding out about the snake-symbol reveals that her husband was responsible for the deaths of Hayley’s parents under the influence of the hollow. Sofya enlists the help of a witch who helps Marcel manage the hallucinations but ultimately, Klaus and Marcel meet within an empty home and battle. Elijah and Freya break through the ward on the house but Marcel subdues Elijah. Klaus, realizing what the hollow wants breaks Marcel’s neck rendering him unconscious. Marcel is placed under the same warded cell Klaus had previously occupied with a warning from Elijah that if Marcel interferes in Klaus’s road to redemption, bad things will happen. At the empty house, Sofya and the witch witness a thorny vine grow from a puddle of Marcel’s blood signifying it’s power to kill an original is cut by it. Sofya plans an unknown revenge of her own against the Mikaelsons.



This wasn’t the time to end either Klaus or Marcel which gave the anxiety of their fight little merit. Nevertheless, The Originals regains ground by solidifying the potential of their ghostly adversary, an entity trapped between worlds and darker than anything they’ve faced before. Klaus’s redemption is all but certain given Elijah’s haunting message to Marcel, who firmly believes in his brother’s safety and ability to change for the good. Some moments came unexpectedly, mostly dealing with Freya’s feelings toward Keelin and Hayley’s past connected to the hollow, but otherwise a solid episode built on fear and loss of control.



While Marcel’s journey into committing murder against Klaus wasn’t as affective, Klaus dealing with his estranged “father” was much more gratifying. The history of hate shared by Klaus and Michael dated back to the old days when Klaus was still a child. Watching Klaus try and fool the hollow only to commit accidental deaths of nearby humans was just an inkling of the hollow’s true power, yet it’s true motives appear to be shrouded. Klaus is in every way a turning into a tragic hero who has more to lose than ever before. Strategy still plays a heavy role in his heart, but it’s easy to see how heavy that heart can get when under the harsh condition of love and loyalty.



Creating new relationships can be difficult depending on external circumstances and while Freya and Keelin are exploring their feelings it’s odd that they both suddenly showed those feelings at the same time in the same way. Keelin really shouldn’t be falling for Freya so suddenly after being kidnapped and held against her will. I can see Freya wanting to build something but there was no indication that she was attracted to her until just now and it just poured out so nonchalantly. If anything, this will give Freya someone to hold onto but then have to deal with loss because, if you’re not a main or supporting character on this show and you’re in love in with a main or supporting character, that character is going to likely die. Even Camille wasn’t safe and Elijah has lost everyone he ever cared about which makes Hayley the safest bet he ever had.



When Klaus confronted the hollow only to lose and realize he killed three humans. That was a strong “oh crap” moment for the original Mikaelson who tried to fool the hollow into thinking he was willing to kill Marcel too easily. Plus it’s Michael, or at least the actor and having alumni characters appear is always a plus. They still have good chemistry after all this time.



Klaus was the defining character who knew sparing Marcel was the key to postponing the return of the hollow in their dimension. Marcel of course wasn’t really driven the way Klaus was to begin with, but the fact remains that Klaus has become more receptive and susceptible to the elements that make him feel and care for his family. In short, he’s beginning to trust those he keeps close to heart and that hasn’t been easy for him ever. Elijah spelled out the redemption Klaus is headed toward even if Marcel doesn’t believe in it. It’s safe to say one way or another Klaus will learn mercy and not just in a strategic way.



Is it really any surprise that Sofya is harboring a grudge against Klaus and the family? Using the hollow as a means to exact that vengeance is a very risky move considering what’s at stake, but we’ll know about what drives her hopefully in the next episode. The witch was obviously another acolyte of some sort, and it’s rather disconcerting that every new character we come into contact serves that hollow in one way or another.


Tying the hollow to Hayley’s past may be important to the plot, but I feel that they’re reaching too hard to put Hayley on the important list of characters destined to have legitimacy in the Mikaelson world. What does spark interest is whether the hollow has natural enemies within the werewolves or if they just happen to be Hayley’s parents regardless of their supernatural background. Right now, it’s too easily connected and quite forceful as it stands.


If the weed can kill an original and it still needs a powerful character to usurp for its arrival, I’d say it stands to reason one of the Mikaelsons may be killed to see this happen. Considering Elijah and Hayley are talking about their future together, jeans and all, I’d say he’s the highest bet. When two people in love don’t suffer any conflict on TV one of them is bound for an eternal sleep and Elijah has been the strongest supporting character on this show. Imagine Klaus’s grief if his brother were to die to being the hollow into the world. That’d be good television.


Bit of an off-note, but what exactly was young Klaus planning on painting with that huge brush and little canvas? It was a good moment to showcase how innocent and wondrous he was even under the thrall of Michael, but it’s not like he actually pulled the sword out of that man’s gut. Michael was vicious from day one, but he also knew where Klaus came from.



7 out of 10. Klaus and Marcel fought for their survival only realizing at the end the hollow’s plan to raise itself through their deaths. Klaus’s journey continues to thrive and show how willing he is to trust and be humble while Marcel doesn’t believe it for a second. Now the tables have turned on both kings as Hayley starts to connect events in her lineage to the hollow. Sofya’s motivation is now known which will begin our second piece of this arc as the hollow gains more support. Michael’s cameos were the highlights of tonight’s episode as we dealt with Klaus’s fears directly. Inserting an age-old enemy never before seen into the history of our characters never goes truly smoothly, but with any luck we’ll get some more missing pieces and allow for the journey of the Mikaelsons and crew to come full circle, that looks like a snake eating itself. The sooner this hollow gets to human form, the sooner they can kill it. Thanks for reading.



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One response to “A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 4×05 (This will literally become a thorn in their side)

  1. First it was nice seeing freya smile and laugh and have someone there for her Keelin could left but she stayed and help freya and she apology to her for doing the thing she did to her and she said I will do the same thing if her family was living so she accepted it so it not a big deal if they do get together they have a bond so I hope they get together it will be nice for freya.

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