A Sashurai’s Review: Supernatural – Season 12×19 (Sanctuary for the one)

SN 12x19



Kelly attempts suicide while under Dagon’s watch but her unborn child prevents her prompting her to believe the nephilim can and will be benevolent. Meanwhile, Castiel returns to the Winchesters under a false pretense of sorrow and defeat and steals the colt. After leaving, he meets with other angels who found Dagon’s hideout. Together they infiltrate it but are subdued by Dagon. Castiel finds Kelly and takes her away. After several attempts to convince Castiel that her baby is good, she receives a vision of the future showing Castiel defending her. Sam and Dean arrive with a plan to take the nephilim’s grace and saving both the mother and child, but Kelly refuses and drives away in Dean’s car with Castiel. At the sandbox, Joshua greets them but is killed by Dagon. Sam and Dean find them, but are taken down as Dagon retrieves the colt and decommissions it. As Castiel defends Kelly, she passes onto him some of the Nephilim’s power which allows him to kill Dagon. After realizing the good potential from the baby, he leaves with Kelly and knocks out the Winchesters citing his knowledge of the future.



Ding-dong the Dagon’s dead. That’s primarily my big take-away on tonight’s episode of Supernatural. Kelly takes charge and convinces Castiel to handle the care for her child when it’s born which will slingshot Sam and Dean in directions they’re not ready to face notwithstanding the oncoming onslaught of Men of Letters reform that’s headed their way. Our two arcs are seemingly staying separate with no real signs of convergence, which is probably for the best but until we know for sure which will monumentally overtake the finale, my money is on the Nephilim. As usual, Dean is a hurt and sarcastically lashes out as expected because somehow his needs are superiorly warranted over Sam’s yet even not knowing Castiel’s complete deal, I found Dean’s intolerance entirely too hammed up this time around. There’s a satisfactory sense now that one more yellow eyes has been unfolded into nothingness, but otherwise a ship-shape turnout all in all.



Dagon’s demise was delightfully dished-out. I think there’s some clause in writing god-like villains in TV-shows where they have to mask their fears and frustrations with very poor sarcasm and unreliable retorts. It brings them to an earthen level but it’s the cheapest personality quirk there is and it makes them sound just as run-of-the-mill as every other god-like villain that’s out there in TV land. In any case, She’s gone and I’m very happy with the outcome.


Castiel has found a new sense of purpose, and if the opening catch-up segment hammered that notion into the viewer that Castiel was at the end of his rope which meant he was either going to come out of it or fall even further down. Luckily, that didn’t happen. Castiel deserves a more dignified existence and now he has one as the official caretaker of the hybrid. Some notes on that will be coming later here.



Just some more angel nonsense. None of them matter and none of them will. Sometimes we get a clever demon who can rough it up with the Winchesters but we haven’t seen a cool angel since well before the Metatron days. We can’t even have prince versions of the angels because technically those were the archangels and Dagon killing Joshua was the feather in the obvious cap that these heavenly entities are idiots at their best. If only there was a way to make them interesting again.



When Dagon got her comeuppance. The flavor came with how Castiel used or borrowed rather the Nephilim’s power to subvert and destroy the prince of hell. It’s a monumental step up and this angel’s been a leviathan carrier back in the day. I like the shift in Kelly’s attitude and even more so how Castiel is now treating the situation. It was a good moment worth watching one or two more times.



Easily goes to Cass tonight. Most of the time it’s Sam or Dean knocking some rhetorical sense into him but this time it came from Kelly who unexpectedly found solace in knowing her baby will be protected by the most stalwart angel of them all. Everyone recognized the dreary and defeatist attitude he carried with him as of late, but he managed to pull himself out of it with an understanding we’re not entirely privy to yet. It’s a good sign though when he’s that convinced, it’s just a shame he’s not on board with the Winchesters who will be extremely annoyed when they wake up with what happened.



Something tells me the colt isn’t actually permanently out of play. If the god just dissolved or melted into a hunk of junk then sure, but it only separated into two pieces. Why couldn’t Sam and Dean forge it back together? I think it’ll come back. Or maybe they should merge its pieces with the grenade launcher and make a colt-grenade launcher. Gotta think big.


It’s a little late in the season but there is one more prince of hell out there that Lucifer can call upon to make things right for him. I really hope they don’t do this, because I guarantee there will be so little character development that he’ll come and go in probably one or two episodes max and be of little importance to the plot except to be pretend to be another bad-ass villain who gets mockingly swept away by Castiel’s new ability when in close proximity to the Nephilim.


There’s still a slight chance the Nephilim entity is in fact duping everyone and is making all the benevolent moves to stay alive. The key though is believing that nothing is born evil which was mentioned earlier. I think anything that powerful will probably be influenced by those closest to him which means if Lucifer does in fact get near Kelly before or after the birth, it could drastically change its alignment unless it’s above all that, which is also a strong possibility, a sort of new balance between the good and evil that God and The Darkness left behind.


It will be interesting to see if Sam and Dean align on Castiel’s decision or collectively try and capture him as a means to end the Nephilim threat regardless of its virtuous influence on Cass. With all these moments of feeling betrayed by most characters close to Dean, he’ll likely need to find a few dozen burgers to ingest before moving on from it, but Sam can easily be just as over it. I’d like to see them be agreed on whatever they choose to do moving forward with or without Castiel’s help.



7 out of 10. Tonight’s Supernatural raised the majesty of the Nephilim and gave Castiel a new lease on positivity. The colt may be out of action, but Dagon is soon becoming a distant memory as the angel-centric episode draws closer to the birth of the hybrid. Lucifer will have no choice now but to find an escape and claim the child for himself. Crowley won’t make that easy and the brothers may also be of a mood to crash Castiel’s plan if they don’t trust him. Kelly is more accepting of her role now that she has someone siding with her new-found sense of optimism regarding her unborn child. If the sentiment proves accurate, there won’t be much of anything any character or group will be able to do once the Nephilim is born, which is why I’m still hoping for one more little twist before their fates are sealed. Good progress tonight, some actionable moments and a few deaths to write-off. Castiel got his win-win and Dean was exceptionally more grumpy than usual given his fondness for Castiel in the past. Now on to other more British concerns, yes? Thanks for reading.



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