A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 4×06 (Where are the speakers hooked up in Klaus’s place?)

TO 4x06



Elijah and Klaus throw a party to give the illusion that they are in a truce with Marcel while Vincent helps to locate defacto followers of the Hollow. Meanwhile, Freya assists Hayley in recounting the events that caused her parent’s deaths. The memory leads Hayley to a storage unit where she finds a human jaw-bone within a stuffed teddy bear. During the party, Sofia confronts Klaus revealing the thorns as her weapons but Klaus convinces her to give them up in exchange for Marcel’s release. After Vincent discovers that Dominic is a follow of the Hollow, Elijah meets with him and refuses an offer to hand over both Vincent and Marcel to his master. Instead, Elijah kills Dominic in front of the party as a warning to those who follow the Hollow. After Klaus refuses to release Marcel, Sofia reveals that 500 years ago, Klaus murdered her family in Russia including her sister and has sworn vengeance since. Later that night, Hayley returns with the bone and the group realize that the Hollow requires a quartet of bones belonging to the Hollow’s original body including the bone dagger which was stolen under Klaus’s nose. Dominic’s body is later seen being cared for by other minions of the Hollow and with the bone dagger is somehow resurrected as possibly the Hollow itself.



A bit more of the waiting game comes as the Mikaelsons organize in typical party fashion a plan to fumigate the followers of the Hollow. While Sofia loses most of not all of her thorn-like weapons, she does gain the location of Marcel who she’ll likely break out sooner than later. What pushes the arc forward is the seemingly return of the Hollow through Dominic’s body as probably a temporary means to exist in the flesh until its quartet of bones have been reunited. I like that the bone dagger is directly associated with the Hollow’s original body and I do wonder what the other two bone fragments will consist of. Perhaps a femur and an ulna. Who knows. Not much else moved forward with the exception of Vincent and Freya having a brief discussion of what they gave up and lost and the justifications behind their actions as of late. It was mostly a decent episode that included an old classic of heart-removal by Elijah himself.



One aspect that helps in giving at least some sympathetic qualities is learning an opponent’s backstory. By hearing Sofia’s brief tale, we understand at long last where her vengeance is coming from. Klaus was sarcastically apologetic because he’s never known for remorse of that nature, but given enough time, maybe something can be done that won’t require Sofia’s death, however given the scorecard as of late, I doubt she’ll finish the season in one piece. In any case, we have more emphasis on a supporting villain and it’s better than nothing.


Hayley’s past is now justifiably making more sense although hiding a bone inside a teddy bear seems a little off. I think it would have been just as good if it was tucked away inside a coffee jar, but Hayley probably wouldn’t have easily found it there. It gives her a connection to the Hollow although I can’t imagine it’s going to get much more complicated than that. I’d probably make it so she’s the one to find the other two pieces, just so she has viable screentime.



The subplot with the thorns I feel was utterly wasted. At this point we don’t know if Sofia gave up all the thorns or whether there’s more to go around. Her comment that she had enough to kill the family ten times over suggests she has another supply, but we won’t know that until it’s revealed. Klaus barely batted an eyelash to her seemingly fatal threat and weapon and if Klaus isn’t scared, why should we be? The show can’t afford to lay a Mikaelson to permanent rest this early in the season so the threat these thorns possess are essentially empty until the show decides to really step up its game and kill its primary cast.



When Sofia revealed to Klaus why she hates him. There’s humanity in the tears that nearly came from her exposition on her family’s murder by his hands. It will probably be the only time we feel any kind of sympathy for her, but it’s equally important how Klaus handled the information by being jovial and ever the threat caster. Klaus really doesn’t have time to be sorrowful over acts performed centuries ago, but if there’s any chance his ego can take a break he can understand how there will always be moments he needs to face where his past transgressions have caused pain in others. It was a potent moment they shared with us.



Elijah was essentially in control and performing all the marquee decision making for both Klaus and Vincent. He’s shouldering a bit more of the necessary kills and calls because he needs almost desperately to keep Klaus as clean-cut from the violence as he can make it. We’re seeing now more than ever his attempt at keeping Klaus on the straight and narrow path of redemption by alleviating that stress even though it will probably create some issues in the near future. So far, he’s proving to be a very stand-up sibling.



The unending supply of Hollow minions is getting slightly out of hand. At this point I think we should assume, there are hundreds of acolytes that for some reason want to worship this powerful ghost and there’s no getting rid of them all. I don’t particularly like that style of storytelling mainly because these characters are paper-weights that have no substance or meaning except when one or two rise through the ranks like Dominic but even he couldn’t really stand up to the Mikaelsons except perhaps in this new form assuming he’s still in the driver’s seat.


I’m half expecting a scene later down the road where Klaus and Elijah open a door and seen Kol and Rebekah tied up ready to be sacrificed for the return of the Hollow. It probably won’t be that cut and dry, but I think that’s what we can expect to see when they inevitably return. I still suspect at least one Mikaelson won’t make it out of this season alive. And don’t they dare let it be Rebekah.


Still no sign of any TVD character cameos and I’m starting to think there won’t be any. Hopefully it’s not a lost cause. Heck, even a phone call to Mystic Falls would actually be a nice nod. Here’s to the possibility.


I’m also hopeful we’ll get a nice flashback to the time period in which the Hollow character thrived and was originally taken out. They tend to do their flashbacks pretty well and it helps give that extra context we need to understand a villains situation as most characters are on this show were driven to evil as opposed to being born of it. We’ll see.



7 out of 10. Klaus pulls back on his majestic qualities to wreck havoc in favor of Elijah’s more personal concern as the Hollow inches closer toward its inevitable return. Sofia’s past is revealed as is her knowledge of Marcel’s guarded location. Most of the episode dealt with the discovery of Dominic’s association with the Hollow and Hayley’s familial connection to the bones of the Hollow’s former shell. Most of the character development was handled by Elijah being more of a physical conscience to Klaus as he convinced him to hold back on some necessary violence which could foreshadow some deeper sacrifices in the coming future. Keelin and Freya remain undoubtedly infatuated which was also good to see them taking their time to let their feelings breathe instead of rushing too fast into it. This was the episode that had quality build up and a reveal that fit an old weapon into the mythos of the recent villain. The questions remain on whether Marcel will be freed soon to aid or hinder the Mikaelson’s plan and also whether the return of Dominic is portent of the Hollow or the Hollow itself. Thanks for reading.



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