A Sashurai’s Review: Supernatural – Season 12×20 (Colt grenade launcher fusion now please)

SN 12x20



Alicia with her brother enlist the help of the Winchesters after their mother, Tasha goes missing while hunting a witch in Wyoming. At the motel its discovered that an older woman has been turning the guests into golem-like creatures carrying their hearts and in complete control of them. She turned Tasha as well when she refused to take her demon-borrowed magic. As a struggle ensues, Alicia is stabbed and killed while Dean takes out the witch. Grief Stricken, Max uses the same magic to return Alicia by adding her heart to a husk as the Winchesters depart. Meanwhile, Mary discovers Mick’s body within the Men of Letters compound but is subsequently taken down by Ketch who is now reporting to Tony Bevell who has returned to oversee the downfall of the American hunters.



Carefully written with consequences in hand, Supernatural takes the awful nature of loss and compounds it with a twist in magic. This was one of the more fascinating tales that took a character like Max, who seemingly had little to doubt and take seriously and put him in a very horrific position after dealing with both the loss of his mother and sister. The act may prove to be an undoing later in the show, but I wouldn’t count on that until next season should they pursue it. The real danger comes from Mary finally understanding the trouble she’s in with Ketch and the british chapter. Lady Bevell is back and neither are any force for good considering their volatile natures. We were also given a short glimpse into some trouble with Sam as Dean furiously yelled for him to wake up, but until we know more next week, the moment is up in the air as to what’s wrong. Quite literally a heart ripping episode filled with familial tragedy and a sense of foreboding on the way, all this and not a nephilim controlled Castiel to be seen.



The Banes family was a new addition to the series, mostly as a connection to Mary, but recently added for Sam and Dean to interact with. We’ve never seen a magic family act as hunters before especially on the side of good, but they’re a fascinating tightly knit group that unfortunately hit a threshold of tragedy. Max may have played the background of the three, but it was always him who had to deal with the pain of that loss. His choice to return Alicia wasn’t necessarily a step into some wicked darkness, rather a desperate plea to keep from being alone. It mirrored Ketch’s phrase about the ends justifying the means but in a more sorrowful sense. Consequentilism is often the anti-hero’s approach to fighting battles but it’s even more dangerous when a villain thinks they’re doing good with that concept in mind.



Not much background on our resident weekly villain except for a few mutterings about a demon deal to possess magic and finding a loophole out of the bargain. It was a clever idea, but not very well executed in the art of being interested in the villain’s case. It was too cut and dry and I think this episode would have been better received if we had something else to go on other than her despicable act of turning people into her personal free-thinking drones.



When Max brought Alicia back at the end. I think he really sold the frustration and pain so when he committed to the magical resurrection I think it was easier to understand and sympathize with. Whether or not this is a permanent condition remains to be seen, but until that plot thread unravels, he’ll pretend to contend with the secret. He’s definitely a character who should come back next season if they write him in.



On the other side of this plot was Mary who tried her best to relieve Ketch of consciousness before being tazed into capture. She understood the folly of her situation and went as far as to defy the defacto leader in his own headquarters rather than take the first chance at escaping. Her only other mistake was not saying enough in her second voicemail to Dean other than “We need to talk.” You can’t get much more ominous and cryptic than that. Still, she’s focused enough to deal with the situation herself while always trying her best to keep the boys out of it. I’d still say she’s dangerous even if subdued.



For a second, I would have thought Ketch was going to use the shape-shifter to resume Mary’s form and use that to trap the Winchesters. Who knows, that could still be a thing even though Ketch doesn’t utilize evil characters to get what he wants.


Bevell’s return means Sam may get another chance at revenge for what she put him through back in the premiere. I’d expect the same hesitation that comes with any hard decision Sam ever has to make, but maybe this time since his Mother’s life is at stake, he’ll just act the way Dean would and put her out the same way Ketch dealt with Mick.


And here we have yet another reference to the grenade launcher in the back of Dean’s car. Dollars to donuts that weapon becomes the new equivalent to the colt complete with grenades that act the same way as the bullets in the colt. Let’s say for example the Nephilim is in fact evil or Lucifer is in possession of its power or whatnot. Imagine the effect of a grenade launcher with the power of the colt blowing Lucifer up in the finale? That’s some wicked moment right there even if a simple “colt bullet” can’t kill him.


I suspect Sam’s sleep induced ride home is nothing more than the usual for him and there’s nothing seriously wrong. It had no connection to any moment earlier on and seemed odd to put in except to cement Dean’s fear over the situation with their mother. He’ll be awake and frowning in no time.



8 out of 10. Mary’s capture will spark into the final episodes of Supernatural this season as we come off the grips of a hunter family torn asunder by magic and its inescapable pull toward darkness. Max is more grounded as a character now and as such made a very rough decision given the love he had for his sister. It’s an act that Sam and Dean may judge unfairly at a later time, but the road to this ending was heartfelt and will likely cost someone in the near future. Bevell and Ketch are in control now and with no telling how deeply routed they’ll get to remove the American hunter influence, it will be up to Sam and Dean to deal with two warring fronts as Lucifer likely makes for a hard play next week. Thanks for reading.



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