A Sashurai’s Review: Supernatural – Season 12×22 (Two finales for the price of one)

SN 12x22



With Bevelle’s help, Sam and Dean try various times to escape the bunker but are unsuccessful, meanwhile, a brainwashed Mary is sent to kill more hunters including Jodi Mills. After three days, Dean uses the grenade launcher to blow a hole in a concrete wall and escapes but is wounded in the leg. Bevelle bargains for her life in exchange for returning Mary to normal as they travel to Jodi’s, who with the help of Alex subdue Mary. After Bevelle admits she can’t help Mary, Sam gathers a team of hunters and sets his sights on the HQ of the men of letters. Dean stays behind wanting to somehow heal Mary as Ketch leaves HQ in search for her. Sam, Jodi and other hunters storm the compound as Bevelle helps Dean psychically link into Mary’s subconscious where he witnesses his youthful self interact with his mom. Dean admits his hatred toward Mary over what she cost them by leaving but also forgives her which brings her back to normal just as Ketch kills Bevelle and is about to kill Dean. Mary awakens and kills Ketch as Sam and Jodi capture Dr. Hess. Hess tries to convince Sam to join forces against Lucifer who they know is after the nephilim but Sam refuses as Jodi kills Hess. Back at the bunker Mary is afraid Sam won’t forgive her but Sam arrives and persuades her otherwise with a hug.



Given the nature of the apocalypse that’s been brewing, this pre-finale plot was the right course of action combining a multitude of elements including a rousting speech from Sam and a sense of ownership from both Mary and Dean as they deal with their issues after a season of avoidance. Ketch, Hess, and Bevelle are put to rest and with the circumstances of the British chapter seemingly closed, we can finally move on to the supernatural heart of the matter. Earlier in the season I wanted there to be a hunter crowd versus a men of letters crowd and we essentially got it sans Garth who should have totally cameo’d with the werewolf abilities and all. It was a satisfactory experience with casualties on both sides but it was radically one-sided and without anyone really substantial associated with either side the whole climax was a bit generic but with that said I still enjoyed the raucous it caused. Dean and Mary’s convenient psychic joining plot did reveal some emotional ties that needed mending which I think was the real focal point of this episode with Sam’s accountability over trusting in the men of letters a strong second. Great episode and should blend nicely with the finale.



Mary’s return was textbook written and needed to be done rather quickly, but it was a very simple and effective play, one I think Dean needed desperately to experience. He really doesn’t have issues blaming people for what he feels is appropriate but his power to forgive was equally uplifting because he rarely does it outside of an egotistical sense of responsibility. They made it very personal between the two and it was probably one of the most empathic moments the series pulled off with Dean who needed someone else to feel the anguish in his heart over the burden left by his parents. Great moments.


Wrapping up the men of the letters invasion was also appreciative and necessary. The concept absolutely worked in favor of this season and with Ketch, Mick, Bevelle, and Hess some interesting characters for certain, they’re all dead now. This means we won’t be getting any more invasions unless they feel something in the future needs their involvement. One of these days we’ll get the Winchesters to another country but for now, they defended their own turf with fiery gusto and gave Sam some decent leadership qualities that he tends to lack in when brother Dean is calling the shots. Perhaps this will open the door for him to make stronger decisions like that in the future.



The tone between Sam’s plot and Dean’s was very different and flipping between the two several times was a little disjointing. When I was ready for the resolve in Dean and Mary’s side of things, it kept going back to random gun fights with Sam and Jodi and since I knew neither of them were going to die it felt a little distracting. Nevertheless it wasn’t a great flaw by any means, the episode still gave itself a serious and noteworthy finish to the on-going plot of the British chapter, one I am thankful is now ended though.



Cliché to the end, but I did like Mary being the one to put Ketch down. That was set up for a long time now but it was still appropriate to witness because the two had a very odd relationship. I half expected him to confess some psycho-pathic love for Mary before she shot him, but he was never redeemable and wouldn’t have won any points for sounding like a love-struck warrior who thought he was doing the right thing. If anything I’m surprised she didn’t unload the entire clip into him.



Dean had a lot to get off his chest and the tears were thick with hatred and love for his mother, both of which he stressed out loud. He encouraged Sam to lead the hunters against the British Chapter and even went as far as to give Bevelle that headstart had she lived. There was a lot of growing up that Dean went through surprisingly and venting the way he did was oddly therapeutic and probably for the rest of us too considering we’ve been on the road with him for 12 years now.



The grenade launcher did come into play but not nearly in the capacity I wanted it to. I suppose I gave that weapon too much importance which begs the question, they went two days without even thinking about it and when did he decide to grab it from the trunk of the car? It had always been in there up until now. Odd convenient item is convenient.


I still have to scoff at the psychic link scenario that Bevelle whipped up. I thought it would have made more sense to magically link Dean and Mary together considering the spells they have at their disposal. It would have made more sense.


I understand Sam not wanting to team up with Hess to find Lucifer and the nephilim, but out of curiosity’s sake, I think he should have at least humored her and asked what her plan was to stop it, because they must have had something on the radar once they “took out” the hunters and who knows maybe they still will, stumble upon it that is.


It was good to see Alex and Jodi again. With Claire, the trio are set to hopefully have another adventure next season, one that sees them all interact again, as a family with sisters that don’t get along, much like Sam and Dean were in nearly every season. I still say it’s a worthy spin-off.



8 out of 10. Dean’s venting, Sam’s leadership, and the extermination of the men of letters was all we needed to see from the pre-finale episode which also saw Mary return from a rather evil alter-ego. No loose ends and one big bad to go. The family is past their differences now and should hopefully move forward with one last big fight in them. Dean and Mary’s psychic link was the real highlight of the episode giving some lasting feelings and working out the drama that set this show in motion so long ago. We have one more to go, so let’s not waste any time and get right to it. Thanks for reading.



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