A Sashurai’s Review: Supernatural – Season 12×23 (That portal explains the strange Scooby-Doo crossover we’re getting next season)

SN 12x23



Crowley seeks out the Winchesters after returning to his body while Sam and Dean frantically look for biblical signs surrounding the location of the nephilim. Castiel continues to help Kelly adjust to her pregnancy in a remote location as some of the nephilim’s power seeps out and opens a portal to a parallel world. Castiel encounters it and sees a world undone by the angel and demon war including Bobby, a human survivor. Sam, Dean, and Mary track down Castiel as he shows the brothers what’s on the other side of the portal. When Crowley shows up he devises a plan that will stop Lucifer. As Lucifer arrives, Sam and Dean lure him into the portal while Crowley works on a spell to trap him which requires a living sacrifice. As Lucifer pummels Dean, Crowley confronts the devil and kills himself as the last ingredient to the spell. Sam and Dean escape just as Castiel enters the fight to keep Lucifer busy. Sam and Dean return and watch Castiel exit the portal only to be stabbed by Lucifer with an angel blade, seemingly ending his life. Distraught over the loss, Sam and Dean watch Mary confront Lucifer with her spell-infused brass knuckles and the two enter the portal together just as it collapses. During the climax, Kelly gives birth and dies in the process. Sam finds her passed away and follow burning footprints to a figure in the dark with glowing eyes, the nephilim.



If any of these deaths are canon and unchanging, this show is going to be a riot to read about over the coming months. Supernatural raised its stakes and sacrificed more than its merry worth of fan-favorite characters including Castiel and Crowley. Rowena also received an off-screen death and Mary is trapped in another dimension with Lucifer. And to top it off, the nephilim is nearly full-grown, evil-looking and has the power to create portals to parallel worlds. Yup, we have our 13th season all squared away and it’s game will be the paradox of alternate realities. This means a multitude of things including these so-called deaths they were so cavalier about. Nothing is certain as anyone can show up in the future including Bobby who cameo’d tonight. It was a strong set-up with seemingly devastating losses, but the inclusion of alternate realities somewhat deflates the intensity of loss here and while its exciting to see this direction come to fruition I wonder how well we can trust anyone’s demise from season’s past if the show decides to swap doppelgangers all over us. It was an interesting finale to be sure, complete with creepy weird nephilim named “Jack.” Yeah, that’s right, scourge of the universe is named Jack.



The portal came completely out of left field, but when you stop and think about it, it really does literally open the door for a lot of crazy explanations. The first, but not the most important is whether God and the Darkness have dominion over a Supernatural multi-verse or if they’re tied to just the one Sam and Dean are in. I would like to know the answer to that question sooner than later, but the most fun aspects come from a season 13th concept where Sam and Dean become the equivalent to “Sliders” only…maybe not as badly drawn out. It’s not necessarily jumping the shark, but it does raise other concerns as well. For now, I like the idea and I’ll run with it, assuming it even becomes that at all. If it doesn’t, then what we’re dealing with is a very strange and erratic nephilim that can probably traverse dimensions, time-jump, alter existing reality and probably bring back anyone who has been killed recently. That’s another big possibility as well. Oh the theories will fly on this one.



The concept of dumping one loss after another was too taxing to anyone who had a lot of emotional investment with these characters. And the nonchalant way it was done too lends more to the theory that these deaths are not permanent. Rowena was really fitting into the show and they gave her an off-screen death. That honestly made no sense at all. I’m not against killing off likable characters but there was something too generous about these moments that make me feel like no one is getting off the show that easily. That Castiel death was almost tough to sit through because it was strange punch to the gut yet again, it’s too off the wall that they would kill Crowley and Castiel in the same episode. It’s guts, I’ll give them that but I don’t buy it. I guess I’m in the denial category for the time being.



Definitely not the creepy Jack reveal at the end. No, I rather liked when Bobby showed up and surprised Sam and Dean. It was a short but nice little unofficial reunion for the three and anything that has Bobby in it gets a thumbs up from me. He didn’t call them idgits, but that was more Earth 1 Bobby anyway. And melted angel-blade bullets was genius, something I hope Sam and Dean utilize in the future.



I have to give it to Crowley, he went out with more nobility and gusto than anyone else on the episode and to do what he did really shapes his persona even making it feel a bit complete with where he started out as a lonesome cross-roads demon. His defiance against Lucifer was what really drove him as of late and if he was going to be taken out it was going to be by his own hands while simultaneously keeping the devil locked in an entirely new prison. Rest in Peace, Crowley, I do believe you’ve earned it.



In all fairness to Lucifer’s plot at hand, is being on a war-ravaged earth where angels and demons fight endlessly any different than what he had in mind? Maybe an omnipotent nephilim would be a perfect weapon to reshape the world in his image, bit can’t he just make another one? Is that particular earth so important, and even more so, is there a Lucifer on that earth that might have a problem with another Lucifer in his realm?


I’ve no doubt Sam and Dean are going to wrestle with some logistical concepts like convincing this new creature to undo everything that happened including opening the portal to retrieve their mother who may be suffering Lucifer’s wrath as we speak. But is the nephilim benevolent as a stands? Were the visions Castiel was receiving of a different earth entirely where all evil had been vanquished?


I feel like they completely left out the plan to strip the nephilim of its grace. It was even mentioned in the episode earlier on and then never brought up again. I suppose the portal distracted the Winchesters from bringing it up, but this was all about saving Kelly’s life which in the end didn’t seem to be anyone’s objective. So they just made it so Kelly was okay with the decision which, given the circumstances is a fate way to go, but still, seems off.


Something else that should be brought up is whether the gates to hell are in fact closed. If they are that prevents demons from coming back, but then there’s the absent last prince of hell, aka, Azmodeus who never made an appearance this season. No doubt, he’ll have some role next season as I doubt they’d just name drop a powerful character without utilizing them at a future time. I hope they write him better than Dagon who really fell flat as a character.



8 out of 10. What started out as a simple formula with a small twist of parallel dimensional hopping as a concept, Supernatural throws the gloves down and goes for broke by killing off 3 major characters and trapping two more far from the grips of Sam and Dean who now must content with a new entity who may or may not be influenced in the ways of good and evil. The potential for portals leading to other worlds is a logical direction a show that has lasted 12 seasons can go, but if I were them I’d remain static on the decisions they made and keep their deaths real. It’ll hit harder and make their plight next season all the more desperate because there are essentially alone. We may not have to face angels and demons as we know them anymore, but maybe worse things with whatever the nephilim decides to do. His appearance suggests some dark days are coming, but at the same time, we don’t really know for sure. Very powerful and gut kicking in the end, but I admire the lengths they went to show us that no-one is truly safe on Supernatural, not even Castiel. Until next season, carry on my wayward sons.



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