A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 5×05 (Spells can be undone, but nobody seemed to ask on the matter)

TO 5x05



After executing several vampires during his interrogations, Klaus captures Greta who admits she’s a part of a group spawned from a vampire named August whom Klaus crossed paths with in the late 1930’s. August had been killing scores of werewolves which Klaus took as an offense against his people. In the present, Greta vows that if Hope doesn’t bind her werewolf nature away Haley will die. Marcel communicates this to Freya who stresses to Hope that a choice under duress won’t help her future but Hope insists on performing the spell to save her mother anyway. Klaus disrupts the spell and uses Hope’s blood to create more hybrids out of spite against August’s vampires. Greta later escapes and wounds Josh while in France, Antoinette dispatches a photographer who has been keeping tabs on her. Elijah discovers that Antoinette is August’s daughter but wanted nothing to do with his legacy. In the past, Klaus hunts down August and kills him and several others but spares his wife, daughter, and son who are revealed to be Greta, Antoinette, and Roman. In the present, Roman convinces Hope to leave the school to find help in performing the binding spell. He calls his mother to relay that he has her in transit.



There will never be a shortage of villains that want to take revenge on Klaus for the deeds he’s committed over the centuries. While not as compelling as some villains of the past, there’s a score of personal feelings that may help bring this group on some similar level as the Mikaelsons. There must be something more to this game though as Greta put herself in a dangerous situation to all but goad Klaus into reducing Hope’s trinity of power. It has little to nothing to do with the Hollow and it’s continued effects on the Mikaelson family, but for the mean time, there’s a dark pursuit of vengeance that has now captured Elijah back into the fold. He just doesn’t realize it yet. A solid piece of storytelling if not a bit predictable given the amount of new characters that have been introduced so far. Still, they didn’t go the distance and kill Josh like they could have. They’re just not willing to part with any major cast members quite yet, but maybe soon they will.



Vampires far under the Mikaelson power scope have to be smarter in ways that give them an edge. So far we don’t know the full extent of Greta’s influence, but it’s safe to say that there are denizens that have probably been operating under their noses for quite some time. If there’s a chance that other notable vampires are a part of this group then it stands to reason that there can be some more fun twists and reveals to be had, but likely this is written in a way that doesn’t quite compromise the main cast and so any new villain roles will be given to new cast members and the like. Still, putting some pieces together on a villains plan or at least their backstory does serve a strong purpose and now we know at least the fuel that burns their rage. Now we just need to know the extent of Greta’s power and plans that so far have directly locked sights on all werewolves.



Roman was a terrible shoe-in for the obvious bad guy boyfriend. We simply didn’t know that he was related to Greta and harbored the same attitude, that we can guess. We don’t quite know if he’s just blindly following orders or if he actually has feelings for Hope that will change his mind later down the road. Hope called out his clichéd past yet it was his dubious role that really stands out as the only bad writing for this episode because altruistic vampires simply don’t exist. If he’s destined to betray his family, then hopefully it’ll be sooner than later. If he isn’t then Hope will have to destroy him herself.



When Greta tricked Josh and began eviscerating him on the spot. I wasn’t necessarily hoping for his death on the show, he’s survived worse situations, but there was a moment when I thought this show would actually pull it off only to reveal he was going to recover. In a way it makes sense though, Greta isn’t bound to kill other vampires even if they are on Klaus’s side. She hasn’t shown that kind of violent tendency yet. She’s only after the werewolves for now, but if she does have a plan that’s been set in motion, I can’t see why she wouldn’t kill Josh to send a deeper message to Klaus. It was a brutal scene nonetheless.



This episode was befitting for Klaus a bit more than the others because of his stance against the slaughter of werewolves and furthermore how he refused to let his daughter succumb to the same binding spell that he was under for many years. He could have made simpler choices to guarantee Haley’s safety but instead took that decision out of Hope’s hands. It unfortunately will create a stronger reaction from Hope who is very settled on doing the spell anyway but in doing so will play right into the hands of Greta and her son, Roman. In a strange way, Klaus did the wrong thing for the right reasons but that isn’t exactly a conversation he can have with Hope at the moment.



In this case of “father” “son” and “daughter” I’m not quite certain how this terminology is being expressed here. Clearly August, Greta, Antoinette, and Roman are all vampires and it’s certainly feasible that August had a human family and possibly turned them all, but is that the case here or are we simply saying as vampires regardless of human origin, August is their maker? That doesn’t quite make sense either, so I’m going with they were a human family that all got turned at some point.


Antoinette is being regarded as a person with conflicts of interest here. There’s no telling how she’ll react toward her mother and brother once they cross paths and the odds that she’ll betray Elijah are slim, unless Elijah himself is in danger and has to act against him to save him in the usual tough situation spotlight. She has a benevolent nature and hasn’t proven to be false in Elijah’s eyes, so it stands to reason she’ll have to make some tough decisions pretty soon and I suspect she’ll have to do some bad things to keep Elijah safe for her.


I wasn’t really buying Freya’s side when she was trying to dissuade Hope from making a hasty decision to save her mother. Freya was very much looking for Hope’s best interests in mind, but their conversation leading up to Hope’s decision all but solidified Hope’s attitude that becoming a werewolf isn’t probably something she needs to do if she can avoid it. When Hope’s mother was hanging off of this choice, Freya trying to make her see better reasoning for performing the spell just didn’t seem to add up and felt entirely forced just to give Hope and Freya some tug and pull on the subject. There wasn’t a backup plan to save Haley and it seemed as though a bit of time was running out in the short term. In the end, It was Klaus himself that stopped the spell which, for him made entirely the most sense based on his experiences and somewhat selfish nature to pick and choose who goes through what kinds of pain.



8 out of 10. The Originals gave us more information and the motives for what’s driving the first set of big bads this season. A family’s vengeance is taking most of the spotlight this time as Klaus once more plays the instigator for the reasons why he and his family are constantly targeted on this show. How these new hybrids will play out in the next part of this storyline is anyone’s guess. It seemed a rampant move on Klaus’s part, but he has machinations and they tend to get results unbeknownst to those who are his allies. Marcel was a bit reserved this time, but I imagine his true vampire abilities will remain a focus of clarity as he still holds most if not all the ranking power in the city. Greta has scores of vampires under her guide, but until we know how many and who they are, we’re still going to have to wait and see. Thanks for reading.



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