A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 5×09 (Klaus is more of an Apache helicopter parent)


TO 5x09


After the storm, Klaus and Freya attempt to hold the dark magic within Hope at bay with her old bracelet but it fails to work leaving Hope to take matters into her own hands. Emmett contacts Vincent after a meeting with Marcel and attempts to sway him to their side. Meanwhile, Elijah visits Declan at the bar to help cope with Haley’s passing. That night, Emmett’s vampires send a compelled human with a bomb that detonates in a building killing three werewolves including Licina. Vincent sides with the werewolves and marches with them in the wake of the tragedy. Hope tries to find ingredients to create a spell against the dark magic’s hold on her but runs into Elijah and Declan. She has a violent outburst but leaves after realizing it quelled the voices inside. Elijah later deals with Declan by telling him the truth about vampires and Haley but then compels him to forget and be at peace. Klaus tells Hope that if rage is what stops the effects of the dark magic that he is the perfect father to help. Freya later proposes to Keelin who accepts. During the march, Emmett and his vampires confront Vincent but disappear showing they had a witch create a projection of them. Vincent realizes Ivy is in danger but arrives too late as she and her witches die from being poisoned.



This is considered the fallout plot and a bit of a soft move into the next stage of the season’s story as Hope is now the holder of all the dark magic once held by the Mikaelson siblings. Try as they might, most of the poignant moments didn’t reflect as elegantly with perhaps Declan and Elijah being the only standout pairing that showed how devastating it was to lose Haley. Klaus’s nature to hover over Hope is more than pointed out but with good reason as he can do little to stop the madness that surround her. Emmett’s charge almost seemed horrifically lack-lustered until it was revealed they had a witch on their side helping out. My guess is that the witch in question was who poisoned Ivy and the others. Someone I’m certain Vincent will be hunting down in the next episode.



Elijah is essentially back to his basics, doing what’s best for others and trying not to interfere with Hope who has the biggest reason to hate him. The blame game worked for the time being, but in the future, I’m hoping Hope finds a way past Elijah’s involvement since he’s the only one left even remotely involved with Haley’s death but if Klaus is forgiving then it stands to reason Hope should eventually forgive him as well. Still, he has a lot of conflict to deal with and I’m surprised Antoinette wasn’t around to feed into that confusing dilemma of who to love and support. Maybe she served her purpose but I think considering the nature of their relationship that she’ll be back. Hopefully not as someone siding with Emmett and his vampires. Unless she felt too scorned and had too.



I might have said earlier that this season will be the cause of many characters dying this season and while it’s staying true to that template, I feel the wrong characters are being pushed out too suddenly. The characters introduced in season 5 have so far been at best, par for the course, so as they pass it’s fueling the main characters and their struggle to make sense of their dissolving society, but Haley is the only true casualty we’ve been faced with. Basically, with the exception of maybe Declan, there hasn’t been enough time to connect with anyone else. Ivy has shared some good moments but they’ve all been with Vincent, so we care over the fact that he’s going to be in pain and anger from here on out, but everyone else is just the same, a catalyst to push main characters into worse situations. Maybe that means more mainstream characters will meet their demise later and this is just the beginning, but it didn’t feel as emotionally driven this time around.



When Elijah told Declan the truth and then made him forget. It was blissfully sad yet necessary to spare Cami’s relative any similar fate. It’s also ironic that the same thing happened to Elijah yet Declan won’t be in a situation to regain those memories and one wonders if Elijah actually feels like it’s the right call. Still, it has layers even if it was a short scene as they mourn for the woman they loved.



This week is tricky. Most characters went down a very straightforward path without much growing or evolving in their nature or direction. The biggest impact could probably be from Vincent as he chose to side with the werewolves, even though that seemed like a given. He knew there was a risk and tried to prepare for it and it eventually cost Ivy her life. I think with that prologue into his next phase we’ll see a much darker Vincent handle that fallout with some vengeance for sure.



There still seems to be a missing main villain for this season. Chances are they could put Hope in that role which would really impact the Mikaelson family and I really doubt Emmett and his crew will be much of a threat soon after Vincent retaliates. There doesn’t seem to be much time to grow a new evil character unless they surprise us with Antoinette or go further outward and bring back past characters long thought dead.


Now that Freya and Keelin are engaged, expect one of them to be the target of the next major death on this show. If they manage to hold off the wedding until after the finale, then they might be okay, but weddings never go well on supernatural shows, just look at TVD…twice. I don’t think they’re ready to end Freya’s time on the show yet, but who knows.


We need to get Rebekah back on the show stat. Marcel needs her to have a meaningful plotline carried out, he seemed to flounder a bit tonight, making some wise calls but otherwise a little bored in the background. When those two are together they just sing more. Plus Rebekah is always great to have on the show.



7 out of 10. This episode was more set up and fallout than a compelling story piece. Much of Hope’s atmosphere revolved around the eventual side effect of absobring all that dark magic and the heavy toll it will cause in the long run. Emmett is at least showing he’s capable of fooling Vincent and Marcel so it’s not a complete lopsided battle, but he’s simply not a great villain. At least Greta had a major motive of revenge on her hand. Klaus and Hope continue to have a meaningful struggle over the single-parent trying to do what’s right and I think that will grow out of expectancy. Elijah is back where he belongs, but he needs more screen-time with Klaus now that the pair are on terms again. The show is on a two week break, but hopefully when it comes back, the real destiny will begin for the Mikaelson family and their counterparts. Thanks for reading.



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