A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 5×10 (Warriors fall, spirits rise)

TO 5x10



When Klaus is unable to quell Hope’s violent impulses, he kidnaps Roman and let’s her unleash her fury on him. Marcel spies on Emmett but is captured and his venom is removed to use against the Mikaelsons. Antoinette convinces Elijah to help save Roman while Vincent deals with the poisoned witches who revive with vampire blood in their system. He shows Ivy what the ancestral well will be like for her but she refuses to become a vampire. In response, Vincent and the other witches remove their magical bond to the well and free their ancestors as Ivy perishes by choice. Josh finds and rescues Marcel but is mortally wounded. He admits that Marcel was his family and dies but finds Aiden in the afterlife. Antoinette and Elijah lure Emmett and his vampires to the church where Klaus brings Hope to eliminate them and subdue the power within. Unbeknownst to them, she accidentally kills a man helping Declan in the attic which triggers her werewolf curse.



This was going to be a somewhat fatalistic ride but another cast member has fallen and now Hope has to deal with the next stage of her powers and curses. This was indeed a life changing event for a few characters as Vincent deals with his loss but also severs the witches power line to the ancestors. With Emmett and his crew finally out of the way, the show can now focus on Hope and the devastation she potentially brings as we near toward the final chapters of this saga. I’m not surprised by these turn of events but they were done with the right care and passion that I would expect from the writers in that those who have moved on did so with peace in mind. I can’t say for certain any more deaths will have the same delivery, but if there are any more it’ll likely be one of the big names and who knows if we’re prepared for that.



Just when Josh was really starting to showcase his maturity on the show is when they decide to give him the swan song, but he did so in Marcel’s aid and even found solace with finding Aiden who he had missed since his departure last season. Josh almost lasted through the entire series and was one of the more survivable sidekicks though often used in small capacities. He single-handedly freed Marcel and was given a proper send-off. He was one of those characters that in the end deserved more development but never quite got enough of it except at the end. I also didn’t realize he owned the bar which actually makes sense when you think about it.


I’m also glad we’re moving on from Emmett and his cliché’d approach against Klaus and the Mikaelsons. Using Marcel’s venom as a key to destroy them is probably the last weapon left that can do away with an Original, but it simply wasn’t meant to be as Hope decimated the entire crew much to Klaus and Marcel’s watchful satisfaction. They were never going to be the prime villains in this plot so it’s best we get to the one who is. Is it Hope herself, or someone more elusive. Hopefully we’ll find out soon.



Bringing back dead characters in the guise of becoming vampires has been done a few times before and by now it’s become a bit senseless and tired. Vincent was able to say goodbye to Ivy but the road to get there was a bit second to Hope’s primary plot. The significance is what lies in store for him and the witches now that their ancestors are presumably free to pass on. Does this mean that there won’t be enough collective power to stop Hope if she digresses into something unstoppable? Is this just another sign that Vincent’s number will be up soon? Hopefully not.



When Marcel had his drink to send Josh a farewell along with Josh’s trip to the afterlife. I would have preferred Klaus join Marcel in a drink since he made Josh into a vampire, but the sentiment was still there and done well. No one is truly safe on this show but Josh got a sorrowful but peaceful exit and Marcel appreciated everything Josh had done to call him family in the end.



Josh’s heroic act and sense of peace at the end I think earned him the spot this week. He may not have been a difference maker in the grand scheme of things but he did affect Marcel in such a way that there will certainly be a mourning phase and he does owe him one after the save. It would have been nice if somehow Josh could have said goodbye to Davina but she’s been missing since last season.



The small twist at the end with Hope’s curse getting activated was a solid cliffhanger to bring us into the next fold of the show. It’ll be interesting to see how it interferes with the power she absorbed from the Mikaelsons and whether it’ll conflict with her nature or just compound it further into darkness.


Where was Freya during all this? And will she have anything to say to Vincent about his decision to undo their ties to the ancestral well? Probably not, but Vincent’s conflict from here on out has to be in consequence to this action. Something broken or undone because of this act will surely be a background subplot moving forward. Using magic of this magnitude always comes with a price.


There shouldn’t be any more real rivalry between Klaus and Elijah at this point. The two should be on relative good terms after what Elijah did, unless Antoinette proves to be some undoing but I don’t think there’s any more room to include that drama from here on out. The prime focus should be on Hope and what she’s going to turn into now that she’s on her way to becoming a werewolf-witch-hybrid-hollow person.



8 out of 10. There was permanent death and real change in the show’s dynamic, a fitting rise in action and closure as the oldest family nears the end of this tale. The next act should be more personal but also dangerous for the rest of the cast who intend to save Hope no matter the cost. And as always, how far will Klaus go to make sure his daughter is safe? Good episode and delivered promises of things to come. Until next time.



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