A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 5×12 (The back-door pilot that was already green lit)

TO 5x12a



Hope returns to Mystic Falls with Klaus and Elijah who seek out Caroline and the Gemini twins to save her. Much to Alaric’s apprehension, he goes along with the plan while Hope and Elijah spend the day together, causing mischief and lamenting over Hayley’s death. Klaus reveals that he intends to have the Gemini twins pull the magic out of Hope and into himself where he’ll stake himself with a white-oak stake he’s been saving for years. After Hope uses her abilities to scold a group of local teens mistreating a potential friend, she collapses into a realm where her mother, Jackson and other wolves exist in the afterlife. Hayley greets her but convinces her to remain in the world of the living and survive as she is at peace. When Hope recovers, Klaus spends the remaining hours watching her attend a local jazz festival and dance with her friend, Landon. Afterward, Elijah confronts Klaus after learning of his plan to die with the magic but Klaus escapes with Hope and watches her transform into a wolf and run off. He then attends the location where the twins capture the magic and absorbs it just as Elijah arrives. Distraught but resolute, Klaus reveals the white-oak stake and aims it at his heart, ready to plunge.



At the end of the day, we really got the heart-felt emotional tear that Klaus was going through but that more than anything, his demise is something internally sought for probably quite a long time. He’ll never be quite at peace with Caroline or anyone else he fell in love with over the centuries, but knowing his daughter is safe and secure in her new transformation gave him all the reason he needed to move on. But will he? Chances are the power within Klaus will do whatever it takes to survive as well which means Klaus’s true fate is unknown until next week. A fitting cliffhanger for the penultimate finale of The Originals that concentrated on two brothers and a daughter who finally was able to say goodbye to her mother and become what the Legacies trailer is calling her the first ever “Tri-brid,” which sounds wicked powerful given the background of her lineage. Very powerful episode leading up to hopefully and equal and epic grand finale next week.



Cutting out most of the characters was the right call. There are no subplots needed to draw away from the primary story of Hope dealing with her reluctance to survive the full moon, a act of blame that only the Mikaelson brothers understand too well. Surprisingly, much of the interaction came from Elijah and Hope while Klaus ran around finding the resources he needed to save his daughter at potentially a great price. Elijah brings a casual fragrance to his scenes, something very opposing to Klaus who has either super intense dramatic gestures, or whisper-like regrets spoken with a remorseful tilt of the head. In any case, The two shared excellent scenes of worry, blame, and sentiment as the hours drew near on Hope’s survival.


It’s almost funny that Alaric was arguably the right sense of reason for the wrong time. He’s the only one who isn’t blinded by Klaus’s “act” as it were when it comes to getting what he wants, but we all knew he wouldn’t pose any normal kind of threat. Still, it’s important to understand that Klaus isn’t entirely forgiven for the deeds he committed back when Mystic Falls was full of Salvatore’s. Without his opposition, there wouldn’t be much in the way of stopping the arrangement Klaus made with Caroline and then there wouldn’t be any drama to sift through.



Maybe the scolding of the group by ruining the guy’s vehicle was a bit juvenile and I ponder if this is the attitude and trend we’ll be seeing once Legacies starts this fall. Classmates abusing their power until someone non-supernatural eventually gets hurt or worse. I don’t mind the friendship that Hope made with Landon because she’ll need genuine allies on the road ahead, but if he’s a normal human, that will make it all the more weird when he sees what Mystic Falls is really like and humans who try to fall in love with supernatural characters more than not often end up dead of supernatural themselves. In short, Landon is doomed.



When Hope transformed and Klaus watched as his daughter ran to the forest. We may have never witnessed a more prouder moment than that and It’s very fitting because of Klaus’s original bloodline tying to the wolves and knowing his daughter is now officially one of them. He may be a hybrid but for that short moment, he was very much of the wolf. Bonus for his moment with Caroline at the dance. Those two wanted to share a moment one last time but they couldn’t…for some reason. In any case. It was good nostalgia and always useful for Klaus to know he wasn’t the villain in someone’s eyes.



Klaus and Elijah again pair up to take this spot. Both did their best to comfort and help Hope through the day and night and both were willing to sacrifice themselves to rid the dark magic forever. But as always, Klaus gets the upperhand or in this case, stake.



It’s still possible that Elijah performs a switch on Klaus to save him and dance with Hayley at the end of this storyline. That dance is happening one way or another whether it’s a significant time jump or Elijah dies in the finale. Whether Klaus truly succumbs as well is where the plot gets interesting. The set up is there, but I’m not totally buying it right now.


A magical white-oak stake, saved for a rainy day? I don’t think so. Klaus can explain away whatever tribulations he went through to secure it, it’s laughable that there even is one considering what they went through to secure enough to make those bullets back in the day. Super cliché even though they needed something that could kill an original in record time. Oh I dunno, Marcel’s venom in the form of a needle shot, but that wouldn’t be quite as dramatic, would it?


And was that a Matt Donovan bench plaque a sign that he’ll be back as the actual mayor of Mystic Falls? I think that’s a heck of an idea and hope he makes the cut. I sure hope they don’t write him off like he died in-between seasons of something, that just wouldn’t be fair play.



9 out of 10. The Originals won’t be saving the world, just one person, and that person will be their future, but the price may come with one Original saying goodbye forever. Will it be Klaus or Elijah. Just so long as it’s not Rebekah. Don’t swerve us, CW. I liked tonight’s episode a lot in that it was dramatically subtle and a little silly at the same time, something the show needs to depart from it’s serious tone even if it means we’re getting a lot more of it in the next series. Hope survived and is now a wolf and what’s more, she wants to live now that her mother has pleaded for her to do so. All that’s left is to expunge the dark magic for good and put in any to all their enemies once and for all. Let the peaceful era begin, just as soon as Klaus deals with one last internal menace, as only Klaus can. Thanks for reading.



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