A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 2×22 (Complicated feelings for monsters huh? That’s how vamps roll)


A collection of calamity ended with a soft and warm embrace between the oldest witches this side of the hemisphere. Season two of The Originals puts to rest the oldest family war and instills in its place a familiar mark between warring siblings. Lullabies are spoken and promises are made for the good of innocence and the threat of new evil likely to rear its head in New Orleans come the fall. All in all, the king of wolves and vamps settles in, ready to settle into fatherhood unaware of the future, but believing he has control of it.

There was some gorgeous imagery that fit in quite nicely upon the climax of “Ashes to Ashes.” With only a few minor plot holes, the episode stood on its own and provided a much needed finality to the old generation of Mikaelsons and their sophisticated rival, Dalia. The most fascinating aspect was of course how the battle played itself out, leaving the final segments as all too familiar approaches to goodbyes and promises of sardonic revenge. In many ways, it was the highlight of the season saving the best for last. Any lasting complaints are left for moments that felt too rushed and made way for aspects of season three.

After linking with Dalia, Klaus stabs himself with the dagger and the two are returned to torpor. Elijah recovers Hope with Freya as Rebekah returns to her original body as a vampire once more. Convinced of Klaus’s plan, Elijah burns the body of their original mother and swaps the ashes with Kol’s when Davina attempts to user her “one time” ability to harness the coven’s power and use resurrection. Instead of Kol, Esther is brought back and captured immediately by the Mikaelsons. Dalia, still possessing power, melts the dagger in Klaus, awakens, steals Freya, and escapes. Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah later confront Dalia but are subdued by splinters of the white oak stake being ingested through Dalia’s power. Esther distracts Dalia long enough for Klaus to impale the two of them finally killing them both. In a final scene with the pair as their younger selves, Esther relents that she should have stayed by Dalia’s side. The two forgive each other and perish together. Later, during the full moon, Hayley makes Elijah promise to look after Hope even though he had no intention to remain at Klaus’s side. Freya magically heals Rebekah’s human body and Rebekah once more inhabits it with plans to decide which she intends to stay in at a later time. Klaus and Camille share a drink as both are essentially still awkward around eachother but later, Klaus settles in with Hope in his arms, commenting on a new chapter in their lives.

I had fun watching this episode. Most of Klaus’s repetitive cliche’s were downplayed just enough to tolerate his multi-faceted yet always presently vindictive performance. With the exception of declaring murderous intentions to Esther, he was the exceptional protagonist we’ve all come to flip sides on almost every ep. One element I’m glad they held off on was the “will they/won’t, sure they will this one time” scene with Camille at the bar. They demonstrated awkwardness and he wisely left without bomb-rushing that kiss between the two that will now be the looming bookend segment that will accompany the first arc of season three. Had they forced that moment to come out now, it would have been very negative and probably pushed them further away.

As for the final confrontation, it played out as one might expect but with enough creativity to kill all the birds with the one stone, or an exceptionally long dagger at it were. Esther’s cameo was welcome, but that lipstick was rather too thickly red on such a pale complexion. I imagine Elijah wanted her looking more modern and made up before her eventual death. He’s rather classy considering the hatred he has for her, like all the siblings. And thus the white oak stake is now a dusty memory. Any chance to kill an original faded away, yet I never doubt the show’s capability in getting creative and finding new ways to subdue and/or kill an original vampire. The embrace with Dalia and Esther at the end felt appropriate as the latter accepted what she should have done long ago. It’s remarkably bittersweet knowing she essentially regrets having her children, at least that’s the more positive spin they wanted to put on it in favor of the two sisters forgiving each other and living in perpetual happy afterlife. The one surprise for me specifically was the survival of Freya, who looks to at least have an opportunity to be a part of the shindig that season three will unleash in the fall.

As far as the nitpicks go, there were some that stood out as question marks in my head, though I’m sure it was all pressed for time anyway and not everything could be spelled out in jaunty exposition.

  • What was the point with Marcel staying Davina’s vengeance in favor of allying with the Mikaelsons for the time being? She didn’t participate in the final conflict and probably could have helped immensely. Essentially she just agreed not to get involved.
  • Ingesting the dust of the white oak stake wouldn’t reach the heart unless it was absorbed through the blood stream directly. I’m questionably certain if any Original ate the white oak stake, it wouldn’t kill them. Or maybe Dalia knew that and wanted them perpetually suffering through an eternity of coughing and hacking dust particles.
  • Does Rebekah actually have free reign to bounce between bodies? She seemed to believe she still had a choice even though she went back into Eva’s body. Plus I don’t agree with that choice at all mainly because it once more takes Claire Holt off the show. I guess she’s going to be really important on that Aquarius series.


Esther and Dalia’s final moment together. It was very similar to how most prolific characters on TVD tend to be expire as they get special treatment and hallucinations into their past or what not. I liked the bright colors and the ethereal treatment it was given since most of the show tends to root itself in darker tones. It was a fine goodbye regardless of their place in good or evil and it just goes to show that Dalia was right, evil is created and in the beginning, they were innocent beings caught in the motions of life, love and the pursuit of immortal-ness.


Tough acts all around. Everyone played to their main strengths and performed as expected. Since it’s the finale, I’m giving it to the Mikaelson sibling quartet. Each one carried enough anger, hostility, and contempt to push each other into a dark alliance that in the end worked in their favor. All four lived, and each got a piece of their freedom and happiness with the exception of Elijah who essentially lost both women he cared for and now must put up with staying at Klaus’s side even against his better judgment for the sake of Hope’s life. Out of all the siblings, he tends to be shoulder the most burden, and finale’s are no exception to this rule.


I’m pretty sure Gia deserved a better send off than getting teamed up with another body and getting lit up in what looked like an alleyway. And Elijah just took the violin away, like “Nooooo, I think I’ll keep this.”

Davina wants to reinitiate the season of the witch, or whatever she intends to call her reign. What’s puzzling is, why is her resurrection spell a one-shot deal? She leads the covens, the power is there in ample amounts. It may not be something the covens want her messing with, but the last thing they would want is to anger their youthful and powerful leader. But it doesn’t matter, Elijah has Kol’s ashes anyway.

What role will Hayley and Jackson serve in season three? Will the crescent wolf curse be lifted by the premiere or will it be an arc that lasts for several episodes? And will there finally be an arc that is dedicated to the origin of the werewolves, or will they once more play third fiddle to the Vampire/Witch war that undoubtedly will erupt come third season?

I like Vincent’s character. I hope he sticks around and maintains a good influence on Davina, who likely will be making a lot of hasty decisions as coven leader in the future. Ruling with power is one thing, but without tempering wisdom, she won’t last long.

We were told that Klaus intends to give the city back to Marcel, but how will that play out? Marcel can keep a truce with Davina, unless she intends to say “screw it” and ruin all vampires save for Josh. I can’t imagine Klaus staying on the sidelines too long because being a king means holding the most power whether you rule publicly or not. He won’t stay idle and Marcel will need aces aces up both sleeves to keep his returning title.


9 out of 10. Again, it was an enjoyable episode with there little wasted and a few nitpicks of logical continuity. Everything play out that benefited most all of our protagonists and nobody long lasting was sacrificed in the finale where sometimes it’s worth killing a few to get those “omg” moments happening. The ending segments are relatively the same as the last season, that did feel a bit monotonous, but considering what else they could have done, it was the safer route. I expect the wolves to do provide more showmanship next season and a villain so vast and powerful that he/she alone could kill an original with certain ease. That’s upping the ante, and they’ll need to keep this show fresh and interesting. Until then, thanks for reading up on season two of The Originals. New chapters await.

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A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 2×21 (Best way to fake a cover, actually kill your allies)


While I was leaning on the side of Klaus and the evil he tends to represent, I frowned when it turned out he was playing a scheme of his own against Dalia. The penultimate episode of The Originals attempts to shake up the realm of New Orleans and casts what appears to be a dark shadow against our principle cast, save for the primary one himself. Technically there is a body count, but it may not be entirely as it appears. Then again, fire is fire so there’s that.

Klaus and Dalia are on the hunt for his child as Hayley and Jackson are stuck in the bayou during the storm. Klaus captures Marcel and bleeds him to use compulsion. After a failed attempt to kill Dalia using Elijah’s plan, Klaus fights Elijah and daggers him with the cursed knife after compelling Gia to let herself burn in the light. Camille arrives to talk sense to Klaus but ends up bitten for the effort. Klaus and Dalia then search for Hope while Marcel keeps Rebekah closed off with orders to kill her if she tries to escape. Knowing her only chance to stop Klaus means returning to her old body, she stabs herself, seemingly dying in Marcel’s arms. Through some coaxing, the covens accept Davina as their regent and a ritual is performed to seal her leadership. Klaus battles Hayley and Jackson until Dalia arrives and uses her magic to reignite the crescent moon wolves back into wolf form as per their original curse. After finding Hope, Klaus suggests to Dalia that she bond with him to prevent her return to slumber for another 100 years while back at the compound, Camille awakens with instructions from Klaus to help Elijah. She does and tells him that Klaus has a plan to kill Dalia for good.

With one episode left to go, this was a great direction to venture into, and for almost the entire time it was exciting to watch some of the heartbreak and viciousness that came with it. I’m not on the side for capital evil to prevail, but for too many episodes as a whole I hadn’t felt the raw energy that this show is really capable of. That came out tonight and yes a few characters suffered greatly such as Gia. I’m troubled to think if Klaus made it look too good and actually killed her. He certainly had no trouble with all the humans Dalia brought for him to feed off of. If she in fact has expired, I’m not that torn to see her go. Her relationship with Elijah at no point made any sense to me accept to serve as vengeance if he can’t get past the idea that Klaus used her to create trust with Dalia. It may be too difficult for Elijah to see past that if she truly is dead.

One thing that threw me off was how Dalia essentially fell for Elijah’s trap with creating the decoy. I thought she had already zeroed in on the baby being outside the city and was just humoring Freya, but as it turns out, Elijah’s plan probably would have worked if not for Klaus interjecting his pretend-evilness. The point here is why on earth would Klaus attempt this and go with his own plan which is likely going to be that much more dangerous? There seems to be a lot of effort here that Klaus is going through that is a bit unnecessary. I’m guessing he seriously doubted any plan that wasn’t already his even though he specifically made it possibly to make that weapon by killing Michael. His logic is unquestionably flawed in my view. But Camille said it best:

“Your brother is an unstable, paranoid, narcissist, with chronic mood issues and zero impulse control”

Rebekah’s self-sacrifice was a big step for her considering her promise to help bring Kol back, but let’s be honest here, it’s high time we got the real Rebekah back and just in time for the finale too. I’d say poor Marcel, but the more I think about the more I realize how many times he’s made his bed when it comes to allying with Klaus. What puzzles me is why wasn’t Marcel in on the scheme. You’d think there’d be a stronger play then trusting his fate specifically to Camille who could have easily and accidentally suffered blood loss from his bite.

The end was a bit tame for me just when the climax was reaching it’s.…climactic point. It wasn’t really a super hard revelation to figure out because the idea that the show’s principle character gone completely cold-revenge would have been exquisitely daring but probably too bold to stick with. So we get the subterfuge and the ace in the hole who revived Elijah and is completely confused about what happened. It’s possible Klaus isn’t looking for the death blow but a means to control or subdue Dalia. Killing may be too easy, otherwise he would have just let Elijah’s plan come to fruition. But now that I think about it, he wouldn’t have Hope in his hands if he let Elijah kill Dalia right then and there. He’s always thinking ahead, gotta hand it to him.


Even though it could have been more, I liked the end result of the fight between Klaus and Hayley/Jackson. Since Klaus is willing to subject them to the curse just to get them out of the way for his own plan, it’s utterly wicked because Hayley is genuinely trying to do Hope good and Jackson is the ever loyal kin. The look of hurt on her face as she was turning was the selling point for this choice though. And Klaus just stood and watched, whether he truly wants this for the pair, he has to be feeling something over what was happening.


I think Klaus gets it this time around. He was devilishly destructive and I’m certain he savored a lot of his carnage even if he was biding his time to lure Dalia into his own trap, that we have yet to see. This is one of the few times I felt his actions were justified even if everyone on this show is chronically wrong for the decisions they begrudgingly make. The near season finale needed some well-deserved oomph and Klaus provided it with his usual flair for he dramatic. He helped elevate the plot’s more visceral points and it came in handy throughout.


Judging by the amount of power Davina will gain from becoming the regent leader, it seems she might have enough juice to bring back Kol herself and won’t really need Rebekah. Though I can’t say I’m overtly excited to have a witch centric plot make it’s way into season three. Those haven’t been the best as of late except those that involved Genevieve.

Okay, I haven’t pointed out any similarities in a while but I can’t help myself this time. When Klaus drank from Camille and planted his voice in her head about the set up he planned for Dalia it was a dead ringer for Angel season 2×08 (The Shroud of Rahmon). In that ep, Angel goes undercover and while with some very dangerous enemies has to drink from cop-mortal-semi-friend Kate (Also a blonde) and does nearly the same thing by telling her to play dead while he sucked her blood. Nothing there, just a coincidence.

What exactly does Klaus plan to do with Dalia? Did he have faith at all in Freya’s weapon? Does bonding to Klaus hold the key to defeating her or is that just another lure to something more sinister that Klaus has in store? He had a plan before he was so rudely daggered, right?


8 out of 10. Mostly a great episode to watch. The action was high, the stakes were real and in all fairness there was a strong chance that Klaus really had joined Dalia’s side which would have spelled certain disaster for everyone if it was real. The final duel is locked and it’ll be hybrid against witch next week for all the cards. Again, if Gia really is dead then Elijah will have a bitter pill to swallow for the sake of getting rid of his aunt. We’ll see how this all play out soon. Thanks for reading.

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A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 2×20 (Who is the lesser of five evils?)


One can always count on Klaus to make the best decision that gives him the future of least resistance. Stake him once, shame on them, forever it seems. On tonight’s episode, Dalia attempts to show Klaus through a living flashback the reason why she wants hope while Elijah and the others prepare to take on Dalia themselves. Vincent offers Davina the lead position of all nine covens and Hayley attempts to leave New Orleans with Hope and Jackson after they properly send off Aiden’s body in a funeral pyre.

What we get here is the story on all three sides where everyone is a victim of circumstance and the choices they make determine how future generations will perceive them. Until now, Dalia has been portrayed as sinister and evil, yet, from her point of view, as power hungry as she can get, her motivation is not murderous at heart. In this, she attempts to appeal to Klaus’s strengths and more so, to his vindication that he’ll rightfully punish those who betray him, family or not. This is a mess of alignments because everyone wants Hope safe, just no one will understand what’s really happening.

After being daggered, Dalia pulls Klaus into her thoughts and shows him how she and Esther were captured by Vikings and Dalia was forced to perform dark magic for them. When she develops the means to escape, Esther decides to stay and marry Michael to start a family. Heartbroken, Dalia succumbs to the inevitability that with every first born of their family, that child will grow unable to cope with their level of power inside them and initiate the means in which she’ll usurp their power while keeping them in check. This occurs only with Freya until the birth of Hope. Klaus eventually understands Dalia’s plan and for the moment agrees to help her and Dalia uses her magic to awaken Klaus from his torpor.

Does any of this make Dalia right, and will Klaus side with her because he was wrongfully daggered? The irony here is that Klaus once let Rebekah leave with Hope to protect her from his enemies, and now, Klaus is unwilling to let the same thing happen twice because this time it’s Hayley making the decision to leave, not Klaus’s. If that’s not the embodiment of control issues, I’m not sure what is. On the one hand, Klaus could easily be deceiving Dalia to stop her later on, and one the other hand, he really could be planning to round his siblings and Haley up and putting them through the same hell he had just gone through. It’s rather entertaining seeing how all these dubious characters go through their communication and trust issues and seemingly make it through the season with their heads intact.

I do believe all of Dalia’s cards are on the table. We now know Freya is ludicrous in her own right and could stand to lose control again. However, I don’t know how long Dalia needs to take away her power before she stops being a menace to herself. There’s a lot of give and take and we don’t quite know all the rules here. But Dalia isn’t saving Hope from some greater threat that exists, Dalia is as high as the threat gets until something more magically sinister appears, likely in season three.

Everyone played at their minor roles in adequate fashion. Vincent tries to absolve himself from anything magic only to be continually drawn back in by Elijah and Marcel. His offer to Davina makes sense and I imagine she’ll take it, if nothing else to find a way to bring Kol back to life. Aiden’s funeral was touching for the short moment it was allowed on screen. The wolves are hurting and they’ll continue to hurt until they finally do something with their pack. We still don’t have a real historical perspective on the wolves and it’s about high time we did.

As Klaus sides with Dalia, she creates a storm that will trump Haley’s escape with Hope. This will allow Klaus to begin his plot of vengeance that could include Dalia if she’s not smart enough to figure it out. What we don’t know if whether or not Klaus is acting or if he’s really going to unleash his hate against his family. His psychology suggests that without his blanket of control, he’s too likely to perform genuinely selfless acts for the good of others. In the end, he’ll choose himself over Hayley. That’s just the surface level idea. However, when he told Dalia that he never much cared for Haley, something in the manner of how he said it made me think he’s isn’t being truthful to her. True, he will never love Hayley like the way Elijah does, but there’s no real point to say he doesn’t care for Hayley unless the goal was to sway Dalia into trusting him. It may be a stretch, but it’s what I’m going with at the moment.


It was important that we finally see Dalia’s side of the story, so I enjoyed the flashbacks of her and Esther. In combining both TO and TVD, every season we get a glimpse into time periods further and further back and though at this point I forget who came first, Dalia and Esther, or the split with the Travelers. In any case, Most if not all the flashbacks on both shows have been worthwhile and this is no different.


This was Dalia’s tale and she told it well enough to stand out beyond the principle and supporting cast this week. Does this means she’s not really evil? Certainly not. But I do believe she’s being honest with Klaus enough that all she really wants is to stay powerful but doesn’t want to be part of any family every again. Freya undoubtedly helped with that and now she’ll ally with Klaus to make sure she stays in power. Hefty bargaining but so far it seems to be working.


If Klaus doesn’t truly believe in Hayley’s choice that being free from his enemies is Hope’s best chance, then there really is nothing for Klaus beyond his own ambition. At the height of separated parents lies the attitude of doing what’s best for the child, and Klaus isn’t going to win father of the year by stopping or worse, killing Hayley. Deep down he should know this.

If and when Davina takes the mantle with leading the nine covens, I’m predicting it still won’t be an easy matter to bring Kol back to life. There has to be rules, stigmas, and knowledge she’ll have to come into that will threaten and/or ruin her chances for using necromancy the way she intends to.

Vincent and become a relatively likable character, I hope they don’t ritualistically kill him off like they tend to do with supporting characters. Aiden has already been taken out and I believe Josh and Gia are safe for the time being.

Speaking of Gia, with her being absent as of late, I’ve pretty much already forgotten that her and Elijah are technically still a thing. They’re not keeping up with relationship quirks and drama like they should be while we’re still partially invested in Elijah and Hayley even though it’s not a possibility anymore.

Does this mean that Elijah’s plan with using Freya as the decoy for Hope null and void? With Hayley attempting to leave the bayou it’s painfully obvious that Hope is with her. What will Freya do now she understands how she’s being used and is basically untrustworthy? Can she still flip out and become manic with power?


7 out of 10. It was a satisfying episode and the most important feature was getting to know Dalia more. Even though Klaus is making ruinous decisions, I felt his attitude on the matter makes sense if he’s being truthful about it. If it’s all subterfuge, then that’s fine too. I don’t imagine he has good thoughts for his siblings right now and if I were them, I’d be weary of a vengeful Klaus whether he does the right thing or not. Relatively entertaining episode to watch and with only a couple episodes left, we’ll be left with one burning question, who is truly the villain of this show and will they be stopped by the finale?

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A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 2×19 (Sometimes the hybrid needs a time out)


Cascades of suspicion and reckless plays at protecting what’s more important are what fueled tonight’s episode of The Originals culminating into Freya’s promise and Davina’s plan since the beginning of the season. Dalia continues to disrupt and infuriate the crew while one of its supporting characters is put to death. Tragedy compels all thirsty hearts to point fingers at the obvious conclusion, that Klaus is too sinister and dubious to be trusted with defeating Dalia. Now, with the prime opponent daggered until the plot demands his return, Elijah, Freya, and Rebekah must settle on their own combined strength to rid the city of an ancient threat.

The stakes (no pun intended) are quite high for everyone leaving Klaus to trust not even his brother with his plan for Dalia. Much of this episode spurns the disembodied frustrations that are consistently met with Klaus and his unyielding path toward absolute leadership. Nobody is willing to let him play out his bird’s eye view of the situation, and with plenty of good reason. As Dalia murders everyone surrounding the sanctuary, she confronts Hayley and attempts a foolhardy conversation of agreements made centuries ago with Esther for babies like Hope. Moments like this are meant to show that Dalia can be somewhat reasoned with. As demented as she might be, she’s following through with a code of conduct established long ago. To her, it’s a simple fate and not to be broken. In her eyes, there isn’t anything evil about it. What is really missing, is the grand scheme with the power she’s attempting to usurp from the bloodline.

Her next act is to use Aiden by killing him and making it appear as though Klaus murdered him after he revealed to Jackson his status as a double-agent. The ruse works all too well, yet Klaus uses the opportunity to instill fear in the wolves and anyone else who wants to cross him. Unfortunately, Klaus didn’t know enough about the dagger to anticipate it’s use, and by Elijah of all people. What I didn’t really find emotional was Aiden’s death. It was entirely too telegraphed when he met with Josh and made plans to leave with him. This couldn’t have been any more set up with a bullseye on his back and for that, it wasn’t as impactful. It’s a tragic moment and Josh is taking the brunt of it, but Aiden’s fate was sealed the second he planned to tell Jackson everything. That kind of honesty can and did work against him in the end.

The rest of the episode played out with most of the main cast being pitted between choosing Freya or Klaus as their savior against Dalia. For a moment, Elijah almost convinces Freya to accept Klaus as an ally again, yet it wasn’t to be. Klaus’s stubbornness cost him in the end and he really can’t blame anyone but himself. I just hope this wasn’t all a part of Klaus’s plan, because I wouldn’t believe he had that kind of forward thinking. It does path down a similar subject thought.

Is it possible Klaus’s unbalanced nature and deranged trust issues are all some twisted way of masking his real personality? When he confessed to Camille what he would do if things were as they should and that he had not indeed killed Aiden, there were bits of moments that really begged the question, what Klaus was all about as a person and character on this show. Too many times it’s been obvious he wants to be feared above all, but hated also squeezes its way in there as well. Mixed with that are his loyalty issues and constant spurning of anything that resembles a parental figure attempting to saddle back into his life. Is he really just as scared as the common folk when it comes to suffering a bad upbringing and under significant threat for so long? I wasn’t expecting him to open up to Camille like that, but it once more danced his true meaning on a thin line when most of the time he’d rather be a bastard than be known to the world as merciful.

The episode ends with Elijah seemingly discovering the whereabouts of Michael’s ashes and then puts Davina’s dagger in Klaus’s heart. Klaus drops but not before seeing Freya and Rebekah watching close by. He now knows that everyone sided against him which can only mean his total and complete wrath when he’s eventually awakened. Judging by how much of his plan we don’t know, I stand to reason that Freya, Elijah, Rebekah and the rest of the crew won’t be enough to subdue Dalia and they’ll be forced to reawaken Klaus to handle the job sufficiently. The unexpected would be if Dalia somehow played this even smarter by stealing Klaus, or taking control of him, or even finding a way to convince him who his true enemies are. Maybe some real soul searching is in order for the Original hybrid.


When Camille confronts Klaus for the last time. They’re not frequent but when Klaus settled on a moment when he’s trying to be genuine and kind, there’s real sentiment to be had. That and I’m a sucker for good ambient music in the background. I really enjoyed the music played in that scene. It was ethereal and even slightly mesmerizing, and not watered down by some  musical artist that fills the conversation with the inevitable build up into a super monumental kissy-face moment that was not going to happen between these two, at least not yet. I liked the scene and Camille’s reactions along with Klaus’s play that maybe he really is putting on a show with his attitude and maybe deep down he wants a lasting peace for himself and for who he cares about. Who knows.


Klaus rules the episode with his take on the fight against Dalia, and the actions that led him to being daggered by his brother. As I stated before, when Klaus opens up and tries to be nice, it’s a fine switch from his usual condescending attitude. He has glimpses of character development then we forget that he killed both of his fathers because he’s too stubborn to grow as a character. Still, he had a good moment tonight and it’s not to be wasted.


I’m not kidding, with as powerful as Dalia is, why isn’t she just killing and killing and killing until someone gives her Hope out of necessity to stay alive? Even with that said, why isn’t she grabbing and threatening characters with death if Hope isn’t given to her? At this point, she has to be smart enough to know she’s not appealing to anyone with voluntarily giving Hope to her. She is a bit odd in this manner.

At this rate, though I don’t want to, Rebekah’s current body might as well just be Rebekah from here on out. Credit where credit it due, she’s got the vocals, the mannerisms and attitude down pat.

Will the dagger in Klaus have its own loophole that Klaus can exploit since he’s a hybrid? As much as I want to believe in Davina’s ability, I can see there being cracks in how foolproof that dagger is.

Hayley and Jackson to take Hope to Mystic Falls, now there’s a one-two punch that could serve as two explosive finale’s.

I have a feeling if Josh has been the one killed then Davina would have stabbed Klaus herself. Though, it wouldn’t have made much sense for Dalia to kill Josh, but that doesn’t mean it still can’t happen. She’s picking and choosing her pawns a little too carefully at this rate.


8 out of 10. Almost got a 9 until I realized Klaus spent a lot of time this episode subjugating his allies so much that they all went the obvious route of betraying him. That and realizing too early what was in store for Aiden. Other than that I thought this episode was one of the better ones this season. Klaus and Camille had a touching moment I appreciated and Dalia is showing no signs of slowing down. Her powers continue to impress which does bode the questions of why isn’t she truly making the cast suffer when it looks like she can. Only three episodes left and Klaus is going to be at least M.I.A for the time being. We’ll see how long that lasts.

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A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 2×18 (Klaus just loves to burn his bridges…and people)


Never forget the lengths a father will go to kill two birds with one stake. Tonight’s episode of The Originals debuts its seasonal villain, Dalia as she makes short work of the combined effort of our resident cast. Even with the might of Klaus and Michael working together, it’s not enough to sustain a victory. Dalia has arrived to claim what she believes is hers and will impact any who prevent her from taking Hope away. So begins our final arc of season 2, the war against the most powerful witch of all eras.

After Dalia announces her arrival through a possessed Jackson, the gang make preparations to handle their most lethal enemy. Klaus convinces Davina to find Michael in exchange for Kol’s ashes for her resurrection spell. After finding Michael, the two call a temporary truce and have Davina fashion a weapon capable of killing Dalia. Meanwhile, Jackson attempts to take Haley and Hope from New Orleans but the plan goes south when a conflicted Aiden fails to make the rendezvous. Elijah convinces Josephine to create a spell in an old haunt that prevents magic from being used and it is discovered that Dalia is channeling through Freya making trust hard to come by. Michael and Klaus find Dalia in a church and attack several witch-powered acolytes before taking on the woman herself. They fail multiple times until Klaus nears the fatal stab before Dalia vanishes with his weapon. She destroys it and declares suffering and death to any who stand in her way. With one ingredient missing to fashion another weapon to kill Dalia, Klaus betrays Michael and kills him with the white oak stake. Freya is distraught as Klaus plans to use Michael’s ashes as the third ingredient needed to make a new weapon. Dalia later finds Josephine and kills her as a message to any witches that aid Klaus or stand against her.

I think it’s proper to start where the biggest hit came and that’s the death of Michael. Many may think the father of The Originals had it coming, but I find his death a tragic waste of sentiment that could have been salvaged with the right work. Klaus has thus far on the show had many a last word before the incoming onslaught or quiet kill of a supporting character. He’s already killed his real father and shed the kind of sadness that can’t be empathized because Klaus is the king of ruin. When it comes to his trust and family, he’ll do what must be done, but make no mistake, he’s not a hero and tonight he proved yet again that his actions are purely motivated by old hatred and a sense of consequentialism. Even when Davina calls him out with having the kind of heart it takes to care about someone other than himself, he almost has the look of horrible disdain. More than anything he doesn’t want to appear weak or be called out for weakness based on doing the noble thing. His self-fulling acts of murder cast him further down a road of irrecoverable redemption and as it stands, he’s well past that point of no return. Freya will likely see to that now more than ever, and I don’t blame her in the least.

The supporting cast was minimally used with the exception of Aiden and Josh who share the conflict and desire to share their woes and do what’s in their best interest. In the end Aiden chose the path of least resistance but postponing Jackson’s plan to his benefit. In a stroke of irony Jackson was prepared to give leadership over the pack while Jackson was gone, now that opportunity is only viable through Klaus’s machinations. Josh could help sway him from such dark acts, but with Dalia’s threat now at the front gate, this situation may not matter much until Klaus needs to play double duty against his own allies.

Onto Dalia, the lady-villain in question. From start to finish, she was a character of impeccable seriousness. Not a jokester, or a sarcastic gloating champion of the dark magical arts. She proves all her points with what she labels as a fraction of her power. Like all witches, she uses telekinesis to throw around Klaus and Michael and uses other witches like puppets to inflict pain on the duo. I liked that concept, but it could have been handled with more prestige. The point is she isn’t really trying her hardest because she’s not threatened by anyone. It’s a good start and I hope she continues to make her mark by subduing anything the cast brings up against her. Forged weapons shouldn’t be the answer here because it’s too easy a gimmick. Dalia needs to be taken out by more emotional ties and Freya could be the key to that scenario.


Michael and Klaus fighting together in the church. It was a one-off truce but the short moment showed they had the capacity to work as a unit against a common foe. I hated their snarky hatred, but you just can’t avoid it. Klaus always had to have the last line and Michael refused to be belittled. Still, I liked when they fought together, we don’t get to see those moments and due to Klaus being a colossal back-stabbing chest stabber, we never will again.


I enjoyed Dalia’s dominating personality. She was brought on as an epic witch and so far she’s proving she has the power and will to run our gang through the gauntlet of pain. She’s nowhere near perfect-evil, but as an intro I got what I expected. She’s not racked with surface-level issues and so far not a shred of weakness aside from the weapon fashioned by three very specific ingredients. She’s showing promise and has the look of majesty owed to her. So far, so good.


I wouldn’t be surprised if Freya allied with Dalia again after what Klaus did to Michael. It may not be as simple as just switching sides, but there will certainly be some kind of ambiguity coming up since she already swore she’d turn Klaus’s allies against him. What a better time to start.

So far, Dalia has demonstrated supreme abilities of a witch, so what’s really keeping her from taking Hope? If she were truly surgical she wouldn’t have made such a boastful entrance and just found a way to snatch Hope. Now that Hope will be in that magically fortified place, it’ll be all that much harder, but I wonder if Dalia can’t just take Hope but has to be do so under certain conditions. I’m not sure where I’m going with this, but it seems she’s combating her foes in a way that isn’t the most optimal method utilized.

The more Josh and Aiden find ways to be honest and trusting and loyal to each other the more I’m convinced one of them will be killed off by season’s end. My money is on Aiden since Davina will be ultra-crushed if Josh is taken out. She already has to deal with Kol’s death. Wouldn’t it be funny if Kol was brought back in Josh’s body? Davina would find that difficult to wrap her brain around.

No signs of Rebekah getting her body back anytime soon. If I were Dalia I’d put Rebekah back in her Original body just to help thin out the amount of witches that stand any sort of chance against her.

This marks the end of Esther and Michael even though this song and dance has been played before. This time it feels it’s forever. Without any real effort in redemption for Klaus toward his parents, it was time they faded back into memory. I’m glad Michael had at least an echo of chance to tell Freya how sorry he was. It was a dangling thread and Klaus cut it because he’s in be-a-jerk-mode. Still Michael died with as much dignity as he could still hating his step-son for everything that happened to and fro.


The plot played into Dalia’s favor as she flaunted her abilities with a serious flare. The gang tried but failed to subdue her and now the dominoes will fall even further. Good entrance and use of the new villain. 8 out of 10. We need characters that can put fear into the Originals and so far it has the musings of that possibility. Dalia is here and hopefully soon we’ll understand all of her motives as well as how desperate Klaus will get if he’s to save those he “cares” about.

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A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 2×17 (There is no forgiveness in the land of immortals)


Trials continue to mount as the Mikaelson family engage Eva and her quest to unite the covens under her rule and power. In a show where multiple plots tend to twist and turn through the main course, tonight’s episode “Exquisite Corpse” centers on a single path and makes it the primary segment, something I believe many can get behind when things get serious for our main cast.

Eva has taken full control of her body and resumes her quest to find the last of 9 witches she needs to join their power into herself and become the witch absolute. The gang truce and temporarily team up to face this threat and even acquire the help of Vincent, her ex to capture her. After accomplishing that task, Klaus uses Esther to show Freya how to perform a spell to save Rebekah which further complicates matters of trust, but the deed is done and Rebekah was saved in the end. With Klaus allowing a temporary alliance to continue with Freya, she visits Esther and confesses she will never trust Klaus and plans to turn the family against him. Then she puts Esther to death in witch-like fashion.

With one cohesive storyline taking front and center, all the characters aligned very well, only mixing in their personal tribulations and subtle feelings when the respites were appropriate. Josephine makes another appearance and successfully puts the fear in Hayley about the sudden coming of storms. It may be an over clichéd phrase, but the right voice and clear-cut eyes can pull the job, and Meg Foster does it with eerie delight. Hayley isn’t the kind to scare easy, but for the moment she seems convinced that the threat is nigh.

The bulk of our carefully contrived moments comes in two doses. The first is between Marcel and Vincent as he tells the story with how he came to be with Eva and the dark secret she kept from him until it was near too late. It was a good solid piece of exposition but it ran a little long. Normally stories like those comes with a piece of flashback, but not in this case. Still, Vincent pulls through and plays against Eva’s trust as they find her in order to save the captured witches including Davina.

Our second grand spell of the episode comes when Freya and Klaus go to Esther for the spell to save Rebekah. Each person was vexed in horrific ways making it hard to really choose a side between them. Klaus wastes little time and gets the spell even when Esther paints the picture that Freya will essentially use/and turn against Klaus. There’s enough backstory and present situations that suggests Freya is the more noble of the three, but now that Freya has terminated Esther and vowed to subdue Klaus in one form or another, it suggests that Klaus may once again be the untimely victim in a game between much more powerful characters.

While Eva herself was really nothing more than another tool to satisfy a plot separate from Dalia, I found her a rather likeable villain at least in the dual form of good Rebekah and bad Eva. I still want real Rebekah to show up and it’s a shame ultimately that this has to be dragged out for so long. If it wasn’t for Rebekah stating she wants to have her witch abilities to somehow bring Kol back, I’d think the show was stalling to the Nth degree in getting real Rebekah to return. Has she been secretly filming another show I don’t know about?

Elijah with Gia still doesn’t make very much sense to me, but in the grand scheme of relationships, it’s meant to balance out against Hayley and Jackson. Gia and Hayley have a short moment to converse about Elijah and a small portion of jealousy slips out of Hayley over his infatuation with someone who has an art form and an understanding of Elijah’s needs. It’s hard to know how these couples will play out because Elijah is too honorable to try and be with Hayley under the cover of night, so adultery is out of the question. Unless Jackson somehow ends up dead there won’t be much to unleash in passion or rage between the two pairs.

The ending has a sense of typical promises of unkind retaliation between our prime characters, Klaus and Freya. When Freya killed Esther, I thought it was poetically fitting, and though the act was in itself self-indulging, the manner was rather well done and unique as mother vampire bursts into a few dozen birds and died in the bushels. Visually it was stunning and moments like that deserve the creativity to explore.


A few to choose from. I most liked the ending because of the surreal horror of it. Freya isn’t a character to trust completely and she’s very adept and proving a point. No one will truly miss Esther, and it’s sad that Klaus was too bold to do what Freya did. He had a candid moment with his mother, but Freya was very down to business. In a way she’s worse and forgiveness than Klaus is, making those two the most brutal combo of the family.


Vincent was given a decent chance at development and nearly had a character’s arc by the end of it. Surely he never intended to side with Eva, but for a moment, it could have gone either way. He was a key player in the effort to save Rebekah and he survived. He’s grown beyond the role of Finn and may be a player yet in this build up toward the fight against Dalia.


Eva’s stealing power from the nine different covens doesn’t really hold up. She just needs powerful witches regardless of where they’re from. Hope didn’t belong to a coven and I’m not certain Josephine was the missing piece. Nine is a good number to use, but we don’t know the names of these covens, where they exist or who they’re comprised of. Was one of the victims from the Gemini coven?

Here’s where I’m a bit confused. If Elijah went with Freya and offered to be her anchor and Freya clearly stated to Elijah to help be her anchor, at what point did she get inside of Klaus’s mind and discover his “secrets” as it were? She snapped his neck and they left him. Not much happened in-between, so where’s the missing piece of that puzzle?

Did Freya always have the ability to snap the chains off or did she just bide her time to build up enough strength to do it? Either way it showed how bad ass she was and not to be messed with.

Will Freya push her siblings from Klaus during or after Dalia shows up? Her reasoning is purely based on an iron-clad fact that he’ll never trust her. What’s sad is, he’s capable of trust and may likely be sincere if the time comes only adding to the brutal back-stabbing that will likely occur. How she’ll convince Rebekah and Elijah to turn from Klaus I have no idea. She’ll have to get very creative for sure.

Is it possible, with the way souls and lives are being thrown around that another Mikaelson will truly expire by the end of this season? Could that person be Rebekah? She’s lately been the glue to hold Elijah and Klaus together for a common goal, aside for the baby that is. Just a thought.


8 out of 10. Very strongly written episode that centered around a cohesive plot and bringing out better traits in our vampires, witches, and hybrids. Some inconsistencies that I couldn’t quite dissect this time around, but they hardly detracted from the focal point. Esther is essentially gone but I doubt Klaus will cry over his mother or really blame Freya for doing what she did. The storm that’s coming will force them to stay allies until Dalia swarms in and wrecks everything up. We may be expecting true chaos, but there’s every possibility that Dalia plays this with deception close to heart. Who knows, maybe she’ll even convince Klaus of her intentions if it meant sparing Hope.

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A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 2×16 (Is Eva secretly working for Dalia? Would explain the power consumption)


The countdown to the arrival of the most notable off-screen villain has begun for our resident Originals of New Orleans. With enough mistrust boiling in the cityscape, and the threat of alliances being severed before they’ve truly formed, a looming shadow forms on the horizon and promises to deliver a magical deluge against those who would try and stop it. The only question left to ask is, who will Klaus piss off next to ruin his chance at protecting his daughter?

“Save My Soul” takes a look at the present and post effect of being possessed while the backdrop of Dalia’s foreboding arrival prompts Klaus to quickly judge if Freya is a trustworthy sibling. Aiden sows the seeds of doubt in Jackson’s position as Alpha while he and Haley train with the other wolves and their new gifted abilities. And Vincent is placed in the care of Marcel while he is rehabilitated with the help of Camille. As one of the least violent episodes I’ve seen this season, I can say that this calm before the storm carried a sense of honest fear that quelled in most of our prominent characters.

To start with the biggest troublemaker of the bunch, Klaus presents a fitting argument to Elijah and Rebekah regarding whether to trust Freya or not based on her past tales which we’re given plenty of flashbacks on. This plot device should settle any nerves the audience may have for Freya since we’re given the inside scoop on how she grew to loathe Dalia. Unfortunately, Klaus is not so easily convinced and thus a cavalcade of at best, neutral intentions have spun the hybrid in circles, making him embrace one person and practically expel another. Haley once more tries to be a supporting yet firm ally and Klaus can do nothing but embed her with threats of using and eliminating Jackson should the time come. It’s safe to say nothing he does is healthy in the least and he won’t accept any decision to protect Hope unless it came directly from him. This will of course lead to the potential of a very drastic decision and likely a bad one down the road.

One aspect that I wasn’t expecting was a look into Vincent’s character now that he’s free from Finn. No doubt he’s not as pathologically corrupt as his wife Eva (Not the best of twists, but I get it) and even though he admitted to the relationship, he seems in fact rather infatuated with Camille. I’m sending a rerun here, but we’ll see how Camille takes this. I’m not entirely sold that he won’t do something sinister to help himself or Eva considering most witch characters have agendas that are equally as self-serving as Klaus.

The friendly sparring in the bayou with Jackson, Haley, and Aiden was just to let us know that the wolves are still around and somewhat about of this bigger plot coming our way. Aiden seems conflicted but able to push Klaus’s plan toward Jackson who admits he’s unsure how to handle the position with Hayley. Since there’s very little for Hayley to develop now that she’s in the best position of her character in quite sometime, she’ll be able to lend Jackson the strength he needs, even if it means defying Klaus. That will likely get him killed as Klaus predicts, but to be an Alpha you have to take risks and show the kind of consistent leadership needed to own that pack.

Much of our show’s longevity lies in the realm of flashbacks and tonight we were given a moment very far back when Freya was initially taken. Her tale describes how her power connects with Dalia and makes her immortal while they exist a year for every hundred. The crux of her hatred came when Dalia killed a man Freya loved and even when she tried to end her life, all she did was end the unborn child she carried. There could be more beyond this flashback but we understand Freya’s world a bit better now and can easily sympathize with what happened to her. Is Dalia truly a cruel person? Considering her plan is to build a coven of her own she can siphon power off of forever, I’d say that’s a probably a given.

The episode ends with a chilling moment as from a distance, Dalia commands the toy in Hope’s room to play while she hums in the solitude of night. Will she appear in the next episode, or is there more delay to be had? All I know is she better bring enough of her magic to handle a town who are very much against her.



Freya’s convincing story that was abruptly ended when Klaus snapped her neck. I had to do a double-take because I forgot Freya was immortal, but the scene played out as one could expect. Elijah considers trusting her sibling, but Klaus is 110% dismayed by a provocative tale that he himself admitted he’d spin to gain their trust if he were Freya. Still, it was a moment with more revelation and insight into Freya’s existence and the pain she endured whilst living with Dalia.



I liked the attempt in making Vincent more departed from Finn, personality wise. He wasn’t chaotically evil or tried to be as dismissive and insincere as a man like Finn would have been which allowed me to be intrigued enough to see what would take place rather than dismiss the character outright. Will be he any kind of force for good or will he be taken back and forgotten once the witches have their way in retrieving him?



With no Gia in this episode, I wonder if that means they’re going to let us forget her moment with Elijah or if they’re just putting it on hold until he gets another chance to address it? I don’t believe there is anything there to build except for the fact she has one skill-set that he greatly admires as a classy and well-dressed vampire does. But I don’t think that’s enough to go on.

I can also imagine Dalia playing a smaller role in a much bigger plot. It’s entirely plausible that he lust for power is really a smokescreen because there’s something even more sinister out there she’s guarding against and she thinks she can stop it by usurping the power she is getting from the Mikaelsons. Then again, she could be as top of the villain food chain as there could be.

As awesome as the actress who is playing Rebekah is, I want the real Rebekah back. It’s almost sinister how often they hop her around in this series only to keep her away once more with a body possessing plot that is as old as TVD season two. I think we’ve waited long enough, right?

I was a bit surprised that Hayley didn’t try and stand her ground against Klaus considering his line about being the only one who can make decisions when it comes to protecting Hope. She seemed too easily distracted over the possibility that Klaus will ruin and/or kill Jackson if he forces the situation. Hayley isn’t showing the best consistency here and will need to be more compelled to voice her side of this power struggle, at the very least to establish herself as an equal with protecting her daughter.

I’m not sure I believe for one second that Dalia didn’t do something to save Freya’s unborn son after she collapsed from the poison. It’s easy to tell a story that a baby didn’t survive while hiding him to use for more power consumption of the course of many years. I’m convinced he’s out there somewhere, possibly as Dalia’s second, after all. Dalia is one against many in New Orleans. She can’t be alone in this fight.



6 out of 10. I liked the episode, but I felt it was still too much of a broad stroke in the ever-lengthy story of Dalia and her impending arrival. We don’t know much about what she’s like in the present and whether she’s been amassing her own subjects or if she’s going to be attacking alone. Eva and Vincent’s subplot isn’t entirely wasteful but I still think it’s too much filler unless there’s a bigger payoff still on the way from it. Klaus was cautiously dancing on the edge of becoming a super-jerk, but we were given a healthy glimpse into Freya’s past which helped offset any of the slowness the rest of the episode kept going with. I’m hopeful for a grand entrance, though newcomers to the city are unique every time. Let’s see what Dalia will do.



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