A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 5×07 (Little wolf, big goodbyes)

TO 5x07



Hope is distraught when Freya tells her that Haley has died. Meanwhile, Klaus kidnaps both Elijah and Antoinette as they meet with Greta’s army of vampires. With Antionette bitten, Elijah bargains to return to his previous self in exchange for the cure. Klaus refuses knowing Elijah would not handle Haley’s death. Klaus is allotted by Ivy and the witches to attend the funeral via spiritual transport but Greta’s next in command, Emmett attempts to thwart the proceeding by storming the streets. Hope explodes one vehicle but is taken away by Josh. Back in the cell, Elijah contacts Marcel who gathers with Vincent to perform the anti-compulsion spell but upon doing so creates a mental problem for Elijah who’s new personality gets locked away within the white hallway and red door. Ivy informs Klaus that an old grimoire explains the current bad omens will conclude with the death of all firstborns which compels Klaus to rethink his violent nature toward revenge in the city. At night, Klaus arrives physically to be with Hope as the wolves lay Haley to rest in the bayou. He leaves after the fires begin to consume the bayou water but is later rendered unconscious by an unseen force that puts him within Elijah’s mental prison where he comes to face to face with Elijah’s current personality.



That aftermath is often an hour long lament to drill home the loss of a main character is real and permanent. In this version, everyone who knew Haley with the exception of the majority of the Mikaelson family have said their goodbyes with a critical moment of Elijah’s true return pending a mental breakdown that has been looked on for almost every season. The dreaded red door is a large and monstrous metaphor that has once again surfaced and will play a major role in next week’s episode as the Mikaelson family returns to witness the rise or fall of Elijah. In all saddened accounts, I found this episode full of tender moments and predictable Klaus tantrums that ultimately saw him trying to find peace with Hope before being rudely apprehended at the end. It’s never a dull moment with Klaus as he must now contend with a brother’s destructive environment. The loss was real and that was the important take away here along with more portents that Hope and the city will be under chaotic ruin as we climb toward the final swansong of the Mikaelson world.



They did their best to treat Haley’s funeral with the appropriate setting from city to bayou giving Hope and Freya enough screentime to truly lament her passing. Klaus had his moments and Caroline’s letter was an interesting echo from when he passed on his own wishes to her back in the finale of TVD. His frustration with how to care for Hope as a single father is among the real quality that helps treat this episode with the ongoing symbolism that family must always be forever. At the risk of creating more signs of doom, he goes to her at Haley’s funeral and does his best to make things right between them. He’s clearly the best part of this show and still pulls off an angry bitter soul with room to improve with surrealistic compassion.



The Emmett subplot feels a bit less than threatening especially considering they can’t act very well during the day light. Their attempt to disrupt the funeral march was probably the least interesting aspect of this episode and only served as a catalyst to show what Hope is capable of when pushed to the brink. The promo did a good job of setting up this disruption with the inclination that Elijah would be heading it up, but that wasn’t the case here.


The secondary mishap is how long their dragging out Elijah’s true return. I’m certainly not questioning “if” but rather “when” it will happen. I don’t prefer new Elijah anymore because the sympathy just doesn’t carry over quite as well with Antionette and if she honestly succumbed to Klaus’s bite in the next episode, I’d say it’s a tragic but necessary end to get on with the real threat in the city. It’s not going to be a bunch of vampires with no daylight rings, that much is obvious.



When Klaus was with Hope as Haley was sent off. Everything tonight built the right elements so that the payoff was those two finally spending some time together to mourn Haley. Very powerful moment and you can see the hurt on Klaus’s face when he has to leave too soon to end the fires in the bayou. Really well done moment.



This can be argued for either Klaus or Elijah this time. Elijah didn’t hesitate to lose his new memories in exchange for Antoinette’s life while Klaus made a big step towards doing what he has to to keep Hope safe. I think at the end of the day, Klaus’s sacrifice is more poignant and sympathetic because new Elijah just isn’t as convincing as old Elijah and we all want, presumably old Elijah back.



I assume Marcel gave Josh a daylight ring to be at the funeral march in the street. Otherwise someone forgot to tell Josh he’s supposed to burn in the sunlight.


Will Keelin stick around this time or be off again per Freya’s request. Tough call, but considering the danger looming overhead, I expect the two to part ways again and not much more can be said about it but let Freya move on.


I still think it might be worth investing in a Haley ghost cameo later on to help Hope and/or Klaus deal with her passing more easefully. It’s a thing this show does and there’s no reason not to bring that concept back one more time for the sake of closure, especially since Elijah has to come to terms with this as well when he gets back. Maybe she could even show up in Elijah’s mind next week. Possibilities are technically endless.


I was also a bit taken back that Elijah would have such a strong current to resist the spell and Marcel’s compulsion given both are very powerful even on their own. Elijah is very damaged but damaged doesn’t necessarily mean overtly powerful and it stands to reason this chaotic bridge he’s building to pull in the Mikaelson family is being helped by someone on the outside, like Ivy or another witch in close proximity. It can’t be Elijah doing all the work subconsciously and hopefully Vincent will be able to track this down either way.



8 out of 10. Haley’s send-off was handled with care and inevitably brought Klaus and Hope closer together even though they can’t be in physical proximity for long. The portent with the death of all firstborns seems like an odd finality to put in this old book that Ivy coincidentally had and makes me feel like we’re still missing a few pieces to this apocalyptic puzzle. But for now the cliffhanger is solid with New Elijah stuck in Old Elijah’s mental prison along with Klaus who must now content with the possibility that Elijah will be forever changed after this event has been dealt with. Haley is officially gone but the story must continue without her. Rest in peace, wolf of the bayou. Thanks for reading.



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