A Sashurai’s Review: Dark Matter – Season 3×07 (Ship in a bottle but with more bottle)

Dark Matter 3x07



After the outer colony is subjected to poison, the only survivor, Six is taken by Ferrous Corp and placed in a mental illusion where he experiences various flashes of his past and present. Two scientists attempt to extrapolate the location of the outer colony leaders from him, but Six is able to resist and escape his mental trap. After reuniting with the crew of the Raza, he convinces the crew that they’ll need help from Truffault to take down Ferrous Corp. Meanwhile, Three ponders with Sarah what Four was hesitant to tell him when he regained his memories. Sarah assures that it doesn’t matter, but after telling Two that she’s having difficulty adjusting without connecting to real people, she’s presumably seen entering the android during her recharge sessions wandering the ship at night. She finds Three asleep in his room and points a gun at him, but decides to return to her chamber instead.



The story of characters discovering what is reality and what is fiction can provide aspects to mental breakthroughs that otherwise were untapped in prior plots. Tonight’s Dark Matter takes us on a journey with Six as he uncovers the family he left behind. The twists and turns that followed gave us a tangible yet erratic leap through various moments that detail Six’s life and understanding as it pertains to the crew of the Raza. When sci-fi tech is used to really crush human psyche’s, there’s a powerful message to find in how the human spirit combats the threat of the mind being probed. With enough deductive reasoning and concentration, a person can thwart the danger giving Six a major boost in his otherwise stale entry into this season.



I’m glad the previews of this episode swerved the audience into thinking Six was once again becoming a “villainous” entity. We’ve seen it before and it might not have been a fresh take on it. Instead, Six is given the opportunity to solve his own crisis and even give a little back to the Ferrous Corp denizens who don’t seem to mind getting their morality dirty for the boss. The effort in convincing us that Six was killed was definitely a minor surprise considering they’re not afraid to make split decisions like that. Finding the necessary clues and inconsistencies to understand the illusion your facing is a fun and worthwhile concept to explore especially in a sci-fi world and I applaud the work put into it.


Sarah is definitely hiding something and is proving to be more invasive yet hidden in her motive and determination. We don’t truly know if she’s taking over the android, but it’s a safe bet she’s finding ways to break out of her construct. Considering she harbors some ill-will toward Three but is unwilling to express it to him is also an interesting development which means she’s playing a long game with the outcome unknown to us and the crew as well. I like the direction its going and am glad there’s once more something amiss on the ship as there always should be.



The bumbling scientists and Nieman in general are oddly out of the element in this episode. Ferrous Corp is a dominant force to be reckoned with, but somehow I just don’t feel it when I see characters like that struggle to make me fearful that the crew are in serious danger. Six managed to get away on his own which is a testament to his own fortitude but also deflates the strong-hold that Ferrous Corp has as a corporate villain of the series. If the bad guys don’t get some serious wins, the threat of the universe won’t seem so much as stake. And I don’t mean wins across sectors against planets and colonies we never meet. I mean Nieman and his allies start killing off characters we don’t want to die.



When the android walked around the ship at night and pointed a gun at Three. It was eerie and quiet and perfect to set up more intrigue and uneasiness on the ship. Clearly, Sarah or what is passing as her “ghost in the machine” mind is set to create some revenge for something Three did (Do we actually know by now?) and while she could have easily killed him, it wouldn’t have solved her own dilemma with getting out of the construct Five made for her. Is she justified in her actions? That’s what’s makes this interesting since we don’t quite know for sure.



Six by a landslide. He single-handedly fought and escaped his own capture and did so the same way Batman did in the animated episode “Perchance to Dream”, even using a similar technique where discovering that reading in a “dream-like” world is essentially impossible. Six has a strong will and even the proximity and trust of his friends won’t always be enough to break his will and loyalty as a man protecting the bigger picture. He’s the kind of person the crew really needs right now to continue being the moral compass and not jumping to violent conclusions like Three and Two sometimes do. It’s good to have him back on the team showing his composure and mattering.



Watching his family from a distance at the end was certainly a bit of a heart-break for the character, but Anders was there for support and the music tied in nicely making it a very well placed resolution to the episode that finally introduced his family.

No real development on any of Five’s future-tellings which makes me think most of the events she mentioned will be for future seasons. We may get one more two of them happening now most assuredly the “Dwarf Star Conspiracy” since that episode is coming in 4 weeks.

That was a very gorgeous shot of the Raza flying into that lava-style star. I liked the use of color and style. Good choice on how Six decided to delete the program in his mind as well. When all else fails, destroy the ship.



8 out of 10. Dark Matter successfully engages us in detailing the maddening effects of mind scrambling and reality warping as Six uncovers a plot to seek and annihilate the outer colony leaders. The sub-plot was uncharacteristically held as the last portion of the episode where Sarah is desiring to be more connected with people and at the same time presumably inhabiting the android at night. Giving Six a chance to regain his ground and fight the good fight is helping to re-establish his credit on the crew and now that he’s back the Raza can resume its course toward stopping Ferrous Corp. The stars are beginning to align on that front with the season about to jump into its second half. All eyes are now on what the crew will do next. Thanks for reading.



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